Yeah, yeah, I know, I can hear ya know;

“I missed my Container Diaries fix Red, where ya been?”

Well I’m back.

Been getting some great e-mails from loyal readers. Appreciate them all.

The NCAA tournament is here so I’ll be busy the next few weeks breaking down and watching the games.

I’m actually researching a late game situation in basketball games…but I know a lot of people who visit Container Diaries don’t like to hear me talk about basketball.

So this morning, I got nothing for ya!

Spring is right around the corner, enjoy the day…

Do kids still jump on their bikes, ride around the neighborhood and hang out?




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9 Responses to 21 DAY DISABLED LIST

  1. Billy Shaw (Tumpy) says:

    Forget Basketball your job is container diaries and we miss your imput Lol

    • hoopscoach says:


      Basketball is all I have. It’s all I know!

      Without it, not sure where I’d be today.

      Oh wait, I have a wonderful wife and great daughter!

      Thanks for writing.

  2. Maureen Rice (Flanagan) says:

    I have seen a lot of commentary on basketball subjects- and I think you should write what you want and whoever feels the need to comment will and if the subject doesn’t interest one, they can just wait for the next blog- that is just my opinion, but I wanted to say it!

  3. David Cullen says:

    Love my hoops, too. I recently started listing player stats from Basketball Reference.Com on my Facebook page. I’m starting with players from the Golden Age of 1960s when Chamberlain, Russell, West, Baylor and company were dominating the game and it will come all the way up to today’s players such as Kevin Durant and Derrick Rose.

    Sports are more important than people realize. They provide an outlet for young people and may prevent those young people from getting into trouble. For the older crowd, exercise is important. So, there is nothing wrong with your love for hoops.

    Around here in Seattle, skateboarding is the “in thing” for many young people and I see more adults using bicycles for transportation.

    • hoopscoach says:

      Dave, I love Basketball-reference.com

      It’s a great handy, tool.

      Did you know they have it for MLB and College basketball too?

  4. TonyF16ST says:

    Basketball is a large part of what you are. What’s the big deal, if thats what you like write about it. It was also a big part of living in the neighborhood, so people can relate.
    You know no one is forced to sign on to the blog.

  5. jiimyvac says:

    Sports are important.. when someone dies , the obit states how their occupation, their family, where they went to school and what teams they rooted for. Sports teach you teamwork, accountability and how to handle sucess gracefully and dealing with disappointment. Many of youe blogs are not sports related. You are far from one dimensional….

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