On Monday, a high school student outside Cleveland, Ohio went to a local high school and pulled out a gun and shot at the students.

In all my years at Holy Name, going back to school after lunch with a gun and killing my fellow classmates never crossed my mind.

I might have been mad at certain students (and teachers) but wanting to shoot them was out of the question.

I might have been an angry kid but not once did I ever want to go “postal” in our schoolyard while we had recess.



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  1. Karen (Artz) Shanley says:

    Just too sad for all involved.

  2. Frank says:

    What’s sad is for the parents. You say goodbye to your children in the morning and expect to see them when you get home from work in the evening. Columbine started a trend where these psychopaths feel they want to be copycats and follow that massacre to a t. Very sad!!

  3. TonyF16ST says:

    It is too sad. Thank god we never saw anything like that in HN or the public schools for that matter.

  4. hoopscoach says:

    I once had a fight with Pepe Fis in the 6th grade during class. An hour later we were hanging out together laughing.

  5. Brooklynati64 says:

    Different times.

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