Quote of the Day

“Show me someone content with mediocrity and I’ll show you somebody destined for failure.”

-Johnetta Cole

Spoke to an outstanding person Tuesday night via telephone.

Haven’t spoken to them in a long time.

Most important thing I came away with from our conversation?

I wish I had listened to them when I was younger.

This individual was a great coach, teacher and motivator.

It was all about discipline but I was too blind to realize that. I mean I was 12 years old for crying out loud!

These days, as a high school basketball coach and a proud father of a 12 year-old daughter, I can only hope that the young people I mentor follow my lead.

It’s never too late to begin…



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One Response to COULD’VE, SHOULD’VE…

  1. jimmyvac says:

    IF YOU COULDA, YA SHOULDA. THEN YOU WOULDA.. and “the world is
    full of c students” quotes by the late great Brooklynite Al McGuire….

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