Quote of the Day

“You got wheels…? I can go for a slice!”

-John Corrar, (rubbing his stomach) after we asked him if he wanted to go get pizza with us.

I came across this short video titled, ‘Shit Native New Yorkers Say’.

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9 Responses to WORD UP

  1. John Langton says:

    The Beluga Whales are gone???!!!! I loved them!

  2. TonyF16ST says:

    What about paper bus transfers?

  3. tony fasano says:

    People say I talk like that. I don’t hear it LOL

  4. Gene Green says:

    I taught a course in Soddy Daisy Tn one time. The students told me I talked funny. I told them there are over 8 Million New Yorkers that talk the same way. I said Youse guys are the ones that talk funny. From that point on we had a great class.

  5. jimmyvac says:

    I remember telling my girlfiriend “:Let’s go sit on Timmy’s stoop and hang out in the arie”and received a blank look….. another time working with some Ivy league portfolio managers, I said,”terlet” instead of toilet and they thought it was hilarious… we all have accents, it’s just that Brooklynites have the best ones!!!

  6. Ed Kearns says:

    Living here in Cincinnati, I still (after ten years),get ribbed about my NOO YAWK accent. I tell people “I may still speak Brooklynese but I will never speak Bumpkin “. I’m just a 10 minute ride from Kentucky.

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