Quote of the Day

“Football is easy, life is hard.”

-Lawrence Taylor

I’m tired of all the bullshit.

What bullshit am I talking about?

Let’s start with…

The complaining.

Playing the blame game.


High prices.

Cyber Bullying.

Outrageous rent.




And anything else negative in this world.


My wife called me this morning and told me one of her co-workers called her from the police station. He was there to bail his 17-year-old son out of jail.

His crime?

The high school senior was pulled over by a cop on his way to school and the cop thought he smelled pot in the car; he was right.

Look, I know kids do crazy things – it’s almost inevitable, right?

But why does it have to be this way?

Can’t an adult come to the rescue?

What can we do to diminish the deviant behavior by our teens in America?

Where and when does this behavior begin?

Most important, why does it occur?

How come students are tardy often?

Why do they miss school?

How come they drop out?

Why can’t kids get good grades in school?

I completely understand that not every teen who screws up once or twice will become a bad adult later on in life but just think how much better this world would be if all teens did the right thing?

It’s not that hard…



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10 Responses to ADULT EDUCATION

  1. TonyF16ST says:

    Does the Junior own the car and pays the insurance bill? Probably not.
    Will daddy take the car away? Probably not.
    Did daddy give junior a swift kick in is ass when he got to the police station? Probably not.
    By now you must get the big picture. And that is whats wrong with the Kids today. Oh and by the way isnt junior considered adult status at 17?
    I don’t know about anyone else but if that was me I’d be walking for a long time.

  2. TonyF16ST says:

    I forgot to mention 3 big things that I think the kids today lack.
    Respect, Accountability,and Maturity. Although the ” 17 year old kid” you refer to is no longer considered a kid and should have really known better. They just don’t care when there are no consequences. We had to figure shit like that out on our own we didn’t get bailed out so eaily at least I didn’t.

  3. jimmy vac says:

    I am with Tony… If I screwed up it was on me.. I told my kids along time ago if they are ever in jail, be prepared to stay the night. The biggest thing kids need is to understand and make the right decisions. I think of back in the day when we had all the big families who had the same parents and went to the same skills but still screwed up their lives. In our neighborhood, we all had the chance to do hard drugs, steal, or do other stupid ass things but most of us would not cross that line. Some of those that made wrong choices are no longer with us. You guide, discipline, encourage your kids , you do not become their buddy….

  4. johnnyboy says:

    was he smoking moms pot ?

  5. TonyF16ST says:

    It’s true. If you instill values and morals in your children you will get big dividends in return. When I was growing up I was far from an angel yet like Jimmys says we knew where to draw the line. Kids today don’t seem to have the same values or basic instincts like we had.

  6. jimmy vac says:

    I am proud of my kids who are turning into fine adults. My wife and
    I were clear about boundaries and what was expected of them.

  7. TomF says:

    They just are dumber and get caught easier.

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