Do people still hitchhike?

How about picking up hitchhikers on the side of the road?

When I was a kid, I’d hitchhike while I was visiting my cousins up in Greenwood Lake.

My cousin Lenny and I would want to head into town during the day. No one in the house would give us a lift.

We’d walk about a mile to the main road, begin the process by walking backwards then stick out the thumb.

At times it would seem like many cars and trucks would just pass us by.  Some would beep at us. Every now and then someone would feel sorry for us and pick us up.

We were so close to the road it was amazing that I never got hit by a speeding vehicle.

Here’s a cool song from back in the day…

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7 Responses to HITCHIN’ A RIDE

  1. Gene Green says:

    Today there is too great a risk if the person you pick up is under18. Also seems that as I grew older Hitch hiking became less common. I remember hitching upstate in Harriam State park while camping, When I was in The Navy in the 70’s I hitched many a time. I have stopped for a few but my normal choice is never. A couple would have a better chance then a single. I do pick up stranded drivers to bring them to a gas station or off the exit ramp but only if I see the car on the side of the road. I guess the risk of lawyers have stopped my picking up.

    • hoopscoach says:


      I picked up a guy on the highway a few years ago here in Michigan. Felt bad for him he was walking to the gas station.

      He asked me, ‘Are you from NY’?

      Must be the accent…

      Thanks for reading.

      Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

  2. Kenny Whelan says:

    Use to hitch hike once in awhile from Cortland back down to the city. Goal was to get a ride to NYC mass transit and go from there. My two roommates and I hitched to Philly one weekend. Got a ride from an on duty PA tropper who took us about 15 miles further down the road and wished us luck

  3. Maureen Rice (Flanagan) says:

    when I was a teen, I used to hitch all over, I went to Boston for a cup of tea, went to Pennsylvania Dutch country for some noodles, etc. My friend’s neighbors had moved to Newport News, VA, so we hitched down there to visit them- quite an interesting journey, adventures and misadventures all along the way, on the way home, we got picked up by the police and taken to jail. They wanted to charge my friend with kidnapping, as she was 18 and I was 16. They held us til my dad came and got us. In my youthful and NY arrogance, I assumed lockup would be like Mayberry- I was waiting for Aunt Bea to bring down a turkey dinner- what we got was some slop on a tin plate, lol. We had to stay overnight, and by virtue of my smart mouth, I ended up in solitary confinement- luckily, my folks showed up and got us out- my father declined to press charges on my friend, saying ” nobody took this one anywhere she didn’t want to go” When I look back on those days, I can NOT believe the arrogance of youth, where I never believed anything bad was going to happen to me- for sure, someone was looking out for me.

  4. Ed Kearns says:

    Only until last year,hailing a cab here in Cincinnati was considered hitchhiking. You had to call for one to pick you up.

  5. sarah jaghamin says:

    i hitch hiked to the store one time it was a couple days after christmas vacation when i left the house..it was literally a crazy night. it was haling and pouring out but i didnt care i just continued on walking, then the weather started to become really bad so i started walking down the road back n fourth i went yelling “hey you yeah you can you help me? yeah there wasnt alot of people that were stopping every car that went by me i always had something to say like “FUCK YOU thanks for nothing ya asshole..there was a couple times id be waiting for someone to stop and they literally zoomed past me leaving me soaked by a puddle it sucked that happened 5 times that night..then once i decided to almost give up this tan looking car drove up in front of me and asked me if i was okay and i was like yeah im just soaked cold and lost…i wanted to get to the store but i kinda lost my way and im a type of person that wears glasses so it was very hard to see where i was going half the time so anyways the couple in the tan car said they knew where i wanted to go and asked me to hop in so i did! as i sat there akwardly i tried to find out enough information as possiable like for example asked if they had any kids….what did they do for christmas… how long have this couple been married for stuff like that because it made me feel more comfortable knowing that the car i just got into wasnt fillled with creepy people so yeah they dropped me off and i finally got there…the part that sucked was that i had to walk home…-_-

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