Remember playing double-wall in the girls schoolyard?

It was a great game. You could play it with anywhere between 2 players and 8 players.

The chalked strike zone boxes against the wall were the landmarks for a single, double, and triple. But in order to hit the H.R., well you know where you had to hit.

For me, a skinny guy, it was hard to hit it off the shed (you needed warning track power, I was a singles/doubles guy) and when it came time to catch the ball off the shed? Forget about it…

Some of the older guys were cool, during their heated games, they’d let you sit up there and watch (as long as you steered clear of the ball).

At night, when it got dark, we would climb up and hang out on top, trying to be cool. But if we made too much noise, the nuns would come out and chase us down.