Living just four short blocks away from Bishop Ford High School and wishing I had attended the outstanding school at 500 19th street, I watched a lot of basketball up there; practices and games included.

I never understood why Coach Nash only used the half-court during practice; but after learning more about the game, I think I found out why.

I was also lucky to be the head freshman coach under Coach Nash and that experience jump-started my coaching career.  Today I list my all-time favorite Bishop Ford Falcon basketball. (Keep in mind, this list only includes players I watched in person…) And oh yeah, it’s not the best players, it’s my favorite players!

1st Team:

Jimmy Rauthier

Chris Logan

Edgar Dela-Rosa

Andy Purdy

Glenn Thomas

2nd Team:

Warren Whitlock

Willie Lanzisera

Tommy Walsh

Tommy Sina

Danny Leary

3rd Team:

Dennis Nolan

Brian Lang

John Godfrey

Mergin Sina

Frank Giglioli

4th Team:

Tommy Lowney

Michael Frazier

Joe Roggenkamp

Dave Shamoun

Trevor Diggs

5th Team:

Javon Moore

Joe Santos

Jimmy Parker

Robert Blackwell

Neil Gouldsberry