Living just four short blocks away from Bishop Ford High School and wishing I had attended the outstanding school at 500 19th street, I watched a lot of basketball up there; practices and games included.

I never understood why Coach Nash only used the half-court during practice; but after learning more about the game, I think I found out why.

I was also lucky to be the head freshman coach under Coach Nash and that experience jump-started my coaching career.  Today I list my all-time favorite Bishop Ford Falcon basketball. (Keep in mind, this list only includes players I watched in person…) And oh yeah, it’s not the best players, it’s my favorite players!

1st Team:

Jimmy Rauthier

Chris Logan

Edgar Dela-Rosa

Andy Purdy

Glenn Thomas

2nd Team:

Warren Whitlock

Willie Lanzisera

Tommy Walsh

Tommy Sina

Danny Leary

3rd Team:

Dennis Nolan

Brian Lang

John Godfrey

Mergin Sina

Frank Giglioli

4th Team:

Tommy Lowney

Michael Frazier

Joe Roggenkamp

Dave Shamoun

Trevor Diggs

5th Team:

Javon Moore

Joe Santos

Jimmy Parker

Robert Blackwell

Neil Gouldsberry


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  1. Steve McLaughlin says:

    Coach – From my day ( Holy Name class of ’71 ) I saw Armand Hill play @ Ford – a definite member of the 1st team!

    • Deborah Roller Hartley says:

      (Holy Name Class of 70) Hi Coach,
      I was wondering where Armand Hill was – I agree – 1st team . I still have his autograph from when he played at Ford.

  2. hoopscoach says:

    Armond was a great player and great dude. Never saw him play live at Ford.

  3. Glenn Thomas says:

    That’s very kind of you but I am guessing this was based on your personal friendships with guys from the neighborhood for if it is based on talent I am way down the line! Thanks for the mention with a bunch of good guys!

  4. H Mills says:

    Coach, before Armond Hill, there was Gene Mumford and he was something else to watch !

  5. Andrew Purdy says:

    As far me, I agree with Glenn – much appreciated, but I would also put me waaaaaaay down the line. Guys like Paul Daly, Joe Santos, Willie Lanzisera deserve mention. I would put the starting 5 of the Ford 1978 team (Logan, Leary, Dela-Rosa, Daly and Frankie Gigs) against any HS team.

  6. BL says:

    I second that! Thanks for the props Steve.I spent so much time in the school yard with you i can say without a doubt you were my biggest basketball mentor,you showed me a lot especially how to look cool on the break. Thank’s again

  7. jimmy vac says:

    Gotta say with family pride, good to see Glen there.. I saw him improving all the time…
    Steve Mc Lauglin,
    Hill had a solid pro career..has gotta be the best ever from Ford …. I remember rooting for him to do well but the Knicks to win…

  8. Brian Lang says:

    Steve I would like to tell you about a specific game in which I played as a freshman for the great Forte Bellino.It was one of our first games that we played that year and it was against Power House St Nicholas of Tolentine. They had some amazing talent, Milak Sealy being one of them.All week in practice B kept telling us we would not see a better team than Tolentine and get ready just get ready.B really didn’t know what he had in us so there was a lot to prove,to him and to ourselves. Sure enough Friday comes and in walk the biggest freshman team I ever saw. I must be honest we were a little taken back,all these kid’s were playing AAU already we were just a bunch of scrappy kid’s from Flatbush and Park Slope. Tolentine did not disappoint they were as good as thier billing,but we learned that game we were pretty good also. Going back and forth we had the lead the better part of the third quarter,they took it back going into the fourth.This was a great game,so much that the JV and Varsity came out to root us on. For a freshman game the Gym was packed. On the sideline B was coaching his heart out.Late fourth quarter we are still trading baskets and the score is within 4 plus or minus. We really had them on the ropes,but in the end they got the best of us by 8 point’s. We were heart broken,we didn’t know how B was going to react because we were never in a game or a situation like this before.When we got into the locker room he started screaming I HAVE NEVER BEEN MORE PROUD OF A BASKETBALL TEAM IN MY LIFE! WHAT YOU GUY”S DID OUT THERE WAS AMAZING! Three year’s later that Tolentine team went on to become USA Today’s 1988 best team in the Country. That game I will never forget because of what Coach Bellino did for us that night.He made us feel like winner’s even after the harshest loss. He was truly one of a kind. Thank’s for letting me post this Steve.

  9. dleary says:

    I can hear those words coming out of B’s mouth. Great stuff

  10. Andrew Purdy says:

    One of my favorite lines from B as I was having the game of my life against Power Memorial – He screamed from the sidelines…”Leave him alone, he is f—–g unconcsious!”

  11. Glenn Thomas says:

    The greatest quote that I ever heard was in the prescence of Forte Bellino but not actually made by him but in fact made by Dan Mahoney. In the late 70’s we were sitting one night on the Sherman Street steps to PS 154 schoolyard on a hot summer night. A bunch of us were on the stairs talking into the late hours. Someone had a radio on with music. A crabby neighbor comes out of her house and chases us down the street. The lady comes out of her house with her own radio and walks down and sits on Forte’s steps at 104 Sherman St blasting her own radio.
    Forte had that very distinct voice especially when upset says..”Lady what are you doing it wasn’t me?” meaning it wasn’t his radio..So instead if defusing the situation Danny Mahoney says to the lady and points to the radio “Can you put that on WPLJ? Everyone was laughing!
    Can the Chief chime in on this memory?

  12. Dan Mahoney says:

    Glen, I thought that we asked for WNEW and the nightbird Allison Steele !

    At any rate that was one of many very memorable moments down at 154.

    Here are some of my all time favorite Ford players. No disrespect to anyone but I can really only comment on the 1970’s. There were some great teams at the school during that time with many super players

    1.) Armond Hill 71 team
    2.) Chris Logan78
    3.) Charlie Alberti 75
    4.)Willie Lanzisera, Joe Santos 76
    5.) Warren Whitlock 77
    6.) Wayne Harrison 73 or 74 (?)
    7.)Jimmy Routhier 75
    8.)Danny Conlon 71 team
    9.)Edgar Dela Rosa 78
    10.) Rest of the starting five from the 1971 chaimpionship team. (Ray Small, Bob Clark,Kevin Robinson)

  13. Glenn Thomas says:

    I agree with Danny Mahoney’s list of all time great Ford players. I will add some more to that list for rankings and order is not important. First off… the players had to be obviously great players, and second…had to have graduated from Ford.. Here are some omissions that could or should be added to that list…

    Tom Ferro – an excellent HS player, Colgate
    Tommy Walsh – an excellent HS player
    Mergin Sina – played at Seton Hall and later starred at URI
    Charles Jones- played at Rutgers and LIU, led Ncaa in scoring for 2 seasons and briefly played in the NBA
    Javaughn Moore – played and starred at Canisius
    Rob Blackwell – All City selection Boston College and Saint Bonaventure
    Joe Roggenkamp – a terrific HS player and a D-2 player at Dominican College
    Chaz Williams – All City selection, Hofstra and now currently at UMass.
    Dan Leary – was CHSAA All-City (first team) in 1977, starred at the U. of Rochester
    Tom Lowney – also starred at the U. of Rochester

  14. Glenn Thomas says:

    Danny was listing the best players based on talent and had some of your players omitted. You had a different criteria (that’s why I was listed! LOL) He missed some great players that played later on at ford that perhaps he didn’t see or forgot! I prefer your list of course! LOL! Afterall beggars can’t be choosy!

  15. Glenn Thomas says:

    That was “Forte” referring to Cubie in our Summer League list! He was right! That was a huge omission!

  16. Dear Coach, I am beyond flattered to be mentioned as one of your all-time favorite to watch. I literally am speechless. I know that you saw many players with a lot more talent than me on that court. I can only assume you placed me there because of my work ethic and because you know that I left everything I had out there all four years I played. I played for the best : Coach Steven “Red” Finamore, Coach Dennis Nolan, Coach Dan Pisselli, the late Forte Bellino (my mentor who I miss so much) and The Infamous Raymond Nash. I will chime back in soon to this blog with some memories I had at Bishop Ford. I thank you again for this honor. Thank you.

  17. Dan Mahoney says:

    Hey Glen ,”Big Ommision” on my part not listing Danny Leary, Tommy Ferro, Paul; Daly,Tom Lowney et al !

    Like I said a lot of great players, tough to remember them all !

    Spent some time with Chris Logan last night . He say’s hello to you, Coach and everyone on the blog !

  18. Glenn Thomas says:

    @ Danny,
    I will have to go up to The Palm and see him. Its tough with 3 little ones these days to walk to the store let alone a dinner out!

  19. Andrew Purdy says:

    Red –
    One more name that should be added to any list…
    Mary Kawas – One of the 1000 Point scorers for Ford.

  20. Glenn Thomas says:

    @ Andy Purdy and Hoopscoach!..Great call on Mary Kawas! A 1,000 point scorer at Ford and later at Saint Francis College (NY). Mary was an excellent player! She and her family just moved back to the neighborhood after trying out Raleigh, NC. Its great to have her, Gerard and their kids back in Windsor Terrace!

    • hoopscoach says:

      Better yet, Mary K had a perfect attendance record not only for four years at Ford but 8 years at Holy Name. Never missed a day! WOW.

      My only question, did she ever miss a class at SFC?

  21. Glenn Thomas says:

    Probably not her GPA at Saint Francis was too high! LOL!

  22. Skydog says:

    Who’s Dan Mahoney? Did he attend Ford? Whatever you

    smoked before compiling that list please don’t be shy and

    pass it on to the rest of the community. Hey Glenn…you

    obviously did not attend many games during the 77-78

    season, not to mention games down the West 4th and

    Rucker schoolyards.When you mention fellows, whom are

    all guys, such as Willie Lanzisera, Joe Santos, Warren

    Whitlock, Tom Ferro and Tom Walsh and say they were

    “great” players you are basically insulting the players who


  23. Skydog says:


    Lists are something to have fun with and everyone,

    including myself is entitled to an opinion.The word

    great has been used too often in this thread.Like I

    stated previously, Tom Ferro, Willie Lanzisera, Joe

    Santos, Tom Walsh and Warren Whitlock were all

    good guys, just not great players.Just examine

    the records…all of their teams underachieved.

    If one is compiling a list of great Ford players start

    with the team from 1971, continue with the 1978

    squad and include the team with Blackwell and Jones.

    Look closely at those teams and their players’

    contributions and even Hoop Amateurs like Dan

    Mahoney and Glenn Thomas may see the

    light of day.


    • hoopscoach says:

      Skydog, nice name by the way.

      You are right, everyone is entitled to their opinion. The word ‘great’ is universal, and some use it a bit different than others. My list was composed of guys that I watched and enjoyed. The selections were “my all-time favorite” players (Keep in mind, this list only includes players I watched in person). My favorite players does not necessarily mean they were the best or most talented Falcons.

      This is a subjective list…

      Feel free to post your player list.


    • Glenn Thomas says:

      SkyDog, What Bishop Ford alum did I miss from the 77-78 squad? The starting team was Daly, Delarosa, Leary, Giglioli, and Logan with Tommy Collins, Guy Pepe, and Kevin Courtney off of the bench. I was a freshmen that year and was at almost every game exept for the Tuesdays where the frosh were separated from the JV and Varsity games. As for Rucker and W4th I had the opporrtunity to be there and coach with a team. Tom Lowney played in both of those leagues when I coached. The players that came later such as Javaughn Moore, Charles Jones, Rob Blackwell, and Burke (Ray Burke’s younger brother) were listed. Whom did I omit? This list was based on favorite players and as Coach Red wrote the term “greatness” can encompass many things. I listed players that were great to me for when I was younger I looked up to them. The 75 team with Routhier, Alberti, Whitlock, Igor Smailia, and Harry Nelson was my favorite team. There was no “quantifying” of great players at Ford for this was based on memories and certainly players that should have been on the list were left off with no malice. This whole topic was designed to be fun. Instead of criticizing me perhaps you could enlighten the readers and me with the omissions and specifically name your players, What great players did we miss that were graduates of Ford? By the way the Rucker has not been called the Rucker for quite some time for it has been called The Entertainers Classic since the early 80’s? Even I know that. Where have you been? I at least coached down at W4th Street in Kenny Graham’s league in the early 80’s. Playing in those 2 leagues doesn’t guarantee that a player was great and we were talking about Bishop Ford players not park players that went to Ford.

      • MIke says:

        Glen, that was a special team., they should have won he CHSAA back then., It was Logan, Leary, Gigs, Egar and Daly starring 5., he used Collins, Courtney and Pepe off the bench and added Lowney after the JV was done. That team and the team the year after of, Logan, Collins, Pepe, Courtney, Lowney and Sina should have won as well. Why they didn’t? Coaching, it’s that simple.

      • Glenn Thomas says:

        I remember the 77-78 team very well. I was at probably 2/3’s of their games. I went up to Stepinac when they won their tournament. I was at he game when Edgar blocked Tony Bruin from behind to seal a win. I was at the CHSAA Quarterfinals when Ford beat a good Tolentine team with Mike Moses and Andre Langford only to lose to a very good Holy Cross team with Glen McMillan and Derric Scott along with future Seattle Mariners catcher Dave Valle but i am an amateur. What do I know! LOL!

  24. Mike Arpaia says:

    Hoopcoach, how about Guy Pepe and Tommy Collins?
    Pepe was the best box and 1 defender I ever saw and Collins was a bulldog in the paint and on the glass….he did the dirty work back then.

    Also, have Lowney and Egar on the list but Daly was hell of a point guard as well.

  25. steve collins says:

    someone sent me link
    i went to many games at BF,..Four of my brothers went and played there….remember more Joe & Thomas”s team…not mentioning where i think my brothers fell in “All time Friends List”..of top Ford Falcons..but who i saw…i’d say Tommy Walsh was unreal…and playground legend on 65street park …jump and strong…Tom Lowney,…Gigs…..Logan,,,,Leary,,,,,Edgar D…..not in any order,one of the better loong range shooter i saw was Steve Downes,,,a player who went there,who never got career going,was grammar school legend Billy Thurlow…all time player as a kid…never got going in High School..i became friends with group of guys from 84 team…GREAT group of guys,,,,Daly,Thurlow,Purdy,Mergin,Keith,Dano Woods…Galleta…Leon..prob missing names,,,also petey G
    .some GREAT people on list..skills wise…and more important people skills…can still remember Logans senior year,,,the talent they went up against,,Red Bruin-McMillan-Vern Fleming…packed gyms…was exciting..Ford-Xaverian etc…traveling by bus to nazareth etc,,,
    Steve Collins…

    • hoopscoach says:


      Thanks for checking in. You bring back great memories. Bay Ridge produced so many good athletes. And like you said, good people too.

      Stay well and thanks for writing.

  26. john godfrey says:

    coach its john godfrey thanks for mention …its an honor i do not deserve.i don’t even make all holy name team that went to ford i do have to mention Steven Downs name to be added to list.

  27. john godfrey says:

    Steve thanks for ranking although i dont even make all Holy Name tthat played @ Ford. Thanks for vall those names though brought back alot of memories

  28. Lee Smith says:

    The best that went to Ford and did not play for team and was a legend at St. Mary’s parish and the CYO league. Who am I talking about? And this guy had all the tools, just not very big But the top 3 of all time is Armond Hill, Gene Mumford and Chris (Tiffa) Logan after that there are 30 guys to chose from to finish the first team. Its a tough call but I think my top 3 are not even close with the others. Just my opinion.

    • hoopscoach says:

      You talking about Gerard Genievive from St. Mary’s?

      As for top 3 all-time, my post is about my ‘favorite’ players; not the best.

      Your opinion is valuable.

  29. Lee Smith says:

    We have a winner.I always wondered how Genievive would have done playing for Ford. He had so much talent .

  30. Lee Smith says:

    His Cousin who lives in NJ said Gerard still plays in an adult league. I graduated with Gerard and have not seen him in years. I do know why he never played for the Falcons and seeing the names of others who contributed to this board they also know why. I would rather not say why, let someone else give their opinion. It was a hot topic in school from 71 to 74. But I believe he would have started for them if he played. Just my opinion.

    • hoopscoach says:


      Ya gotta give me a little time to approve the comment – takes a few minutes my man. We’ve had some awful comments posted in the past.

      As for Gerard, we try and reach out to him.

      My friend Glenn T said Gerard later went on to play at NY Tech.

  31. Lee Smith says:

    One other thing about all the names of former players that people mentioned on this board there is one name that really needs to be on here and even though he had no use for me, I still have to be honest. He should be named as one of the better players from Ford. He started JV as a freshman and then started 3 years for varsity as a soph, jr and senior.Had a very, very good career as a falcon.And all you Holy Name guys here and no one put his name down. Just my opinion .

  32. Lee Smith says:

    What happened to my last two posts?

  33. Lee Smith says:

    OK waiting to be approved.

  34. Lee Smith says:

    Guess I was shut down?

  35. Charles jones says:

    You have to be kidding me

  36. Charles jones says:

    You can’t be serious

    • sam brown says:

      I’m a former player at Ford myself. I use the term player loosely because I was permanent fixture on the bench next to coach nash which I was more then happy with. I learned alot from sitting there and being involved in the practices now I am a the head coach of the bronx high school of science so I see Gods design in everything. With that being said Red I can’t believe charles jones rob blackwell javon moore trevor diggs winston gordon winston cousins chaz williams and ARMAND HILL are not 1st 2nd or 3rd team. I can’t believe that. Charles Jones is the best player ever to lace em up at Ford!

      • Mike says:

        Other than Armand Hill, Chris Logan was the best to every lace them up at Ford hands down. Blackwell was really good but Logan was special.

      • hoopscoach says:


        Loved Chris Logan’s game. Was also and still is a great guy. Never had an ego, never big-timed anyone. Down-to-earth…

      • Mike says:

        I remember him well., back in 79 they were awesome with Guy Pepe, Dan Leary, Tommy Collins, Courtney, Lowney…they year before they had Daly and Edgar as their starting guard with Logan, Gigs and Leary upfront if I’m not mistaken.

      • hoopscoach says:


        Thanks for visiting and adding.

        Sam, Sam, Sam…you teach at Bronx HS of Science?

        Here is something you overlooked in my entry:

        Today I list my all-time favorite Bishop Ford Falcon basketball. (Keep in mind, this list only includes players I watched in person…) And oh yeah, it’s not the best players, it’s my favorite players!

        I never saw Armond play. So that excludes him. Rob and Bam are on a team. Scroll down a bit.

        And again Sam, it’s not the best players, it’s my favorite players. Big difference.

        Enjoy the weather.


  38. Leo M. says:

    One name that I have not seen anyone mention, hard to believe Tommy Ferro ???

    • Red says:

      The Ferro’s were good ball players.

      They had a court down behind their house where I hear there were some competitive games.

  39. A. Mills says:

    Hey Gents,
    Great to see all of you loyal Falcon Fans. Let’s not forget the Boys basketball team of the 85 season we had players like Pete Nash, Harry Golden, Al Mills, Patrick Burke, Matt Long and many others that brought the Brooklyn Queens conference championship to the falcon house.

    A. Mills class of 86

  40. john zullo says:

    i played freshman ball at ford, with Ferranti coaching. I remember glen Thomas because we always beat him when I was at regina and he was at holy name. I went on to play at Utrecht jv and varsity. there were comments earlier about why gerard genoveve never played high school ball at ford. his younger brother brian never played high school ball at Utrecht. they both had talent; seems neither had desire.

    • Steve says:

      Hi John, thanks for checking in. I loved Regina’s gym. Scored my first points there as a member of Holy Name’s Bantam ‘B’ team. A corner shot from the left side. Happy New Year…

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