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We can all agree that there were some outstanding men and women from our neighborhood, I blog about them often.

One guy who was always cool with me despite being a few years older was Johnny Cummings.

After Mike Kelly wrote his splendid piece on his McBears football team, I was told today that Johnny has passed away. Back in September he suffered a stroke. After surgery, everything seemed to be ok, he made it out fine but the poor guy suffered a second stroke.

Johnny was a guy that no one, and I mean no one disliked.

Every time I ran into him he always had something cool to say. He was from 7th avenue and from time to time he would visit Farrell’s. We’d all be hanging out on 9th avenue in the middle of the winter tossing a football around in the snow. The 7th avenue guys would come walking up Windsor Place on their way to pick up containers from Farrell’s.

Before and after their visit to Farrell’s on the corner of 16th street they’d jump in with us and toss the ball around; going out for a bomb from Ronnie was the highlight of my night.  At times we’d even play them 5 on 5 right there on the avenue. One night we moved the game to the Girl’s Schoolyard…getting tackled by Antony Paige was no joke.

Like I have posted before, all those cats from 7th avenue were cool, not a bad guy in the bunch. I miss them.

Funeral arrangements:

One viewing…Tuesday from 4PM to 9PM

Jureck Funeral Home, 728 4th avenue (just off of 23rd street) 768-4192

The Mass is Wednesday at 1PM: Our Lady of Chesterwova (24th street and 4th avenue)

Johnny Cummings, Rest in Peace