This morning I got up at 8:45. Damn it, I missed the chance to buy a 50 inch color T.V. for $129.

I’m sorry but  I have never waited on a long line outside a store, in the cold weather, at 4AM for a sale.

What are these people thinking?

My thing on the day after Thanksgiving is the leftovers!

That’s right, turkey sandwiches with mayo, lettuce and anything else people choose to slap on a few pieces of bread. Turkey salad is also another good idea.

Tossing the stuffing and mashed potatoes in the microwave and of course covering it with gravy.

On Black Friday I sleep in, have some breakfast, read the newspaper and get some laundry done. Which reminds me, I miss the days of Paulie Barrucco opening the laundromat on 9th avenue at 4AM!