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A good friend from back in the day, Bay Ridge native Dennis Nolan, is going back home (coaching-wise that is). Dennis was named the new boys varsity head basketball coach at Bishop Ford, his alma mater.

Dennis and I go back to the late 1980’s, early 90’s when we both coached at Ford; he was the junior varsity coach., I was the freshmen coach.  We had a ball (no pun intended).

Do you want to hear something crazy?

One day we were walking back to our office after practice, the one we shared in the back of the varsity locker room; the stereo was playing, but no one was in there.  A Bob Marley song was on, I believe it was ‘Buffalo Soldier’.  So Dennis and I started signing real loud;  “yoy yoy yoy yoy, yoy yoy-yoy yoy…” You know the chorus I’m talking about.  Marley at his best.

We were having fun.

This morning I was listening to Marley’s smash hit ‘Jammin’ when the phone rang, it was Dennis sharing the news with me that he was named new coach at Ford.

How crazy is that?

For a quick read into the hire, read this story by clicking here from the New York Post for all the details.

“I wanted to leave on good terms,” he said. “I’m an alum from here and everything I’ve learned as a basketball coach, I’ve learned from the coaches here. In my heart I always knew I’d come back, I just didn’t know in what capacity.”

Congratulations Dennis and good luck.