Did you miss many days of school as a student at Holy Name?

Come to think of it, I must’ve missed a lot.  Because I’ll tell ya, some of the everyday things that hit me, catch me by surprise.

Why didn’t they teach the following items while we were going to school? What in God’s name were they screaming at me about?

How come no one told  me…

I would have to pay bills like the water bill, the electric bill and the rent each month? And if I got behind, bill collectors or the mean old landlord would come a calling.

How come no one told me that things would not be so easy like waking up very early in the morning to get my kid ready for school and to head off to work?

How come no one told me I would gain weight, (especially around my mid-section) lose my hair and slow down?

How come no one told me I would have to work hard to make money, get paid a salary then keep track of my money?

How come no one told me my child would ask for things all the time and that I would have to say no to her? (Thus, making me feel bad)

How come no one told me that If I read a lot of books, newspapers, etc. that my vocabulary would improve?

How come no one told me that someday, when I’m in my 40’s that all my friends I used to hang out with would no longer be available because they have a family to raise and work to do?

I guess life is all about figuring it out on your own…Or maybe I was absent that day.

Most of the time u are growing up, people tell u what’s wrong with u. the coach tells u, parents tell u, teachers tell u when they grade u. I think that’s good in the early stages, ’cause it helps u develop skills. But at some point in your life, I think, when u are in your teens, u look in a mirror & u have to say, despite all the bumps & warts, “I like the person I’m looking at, & lets just do our best.”

-RD Ballard