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Thank heavens for i-tunes, 80’s music, technology, and of course old friends. They’ve made my life a lot more enjoyable!

Through the creation of this blog and attempting the head-first dive into Facebook, I’ve been able to re-connect with many good people from back in the day.

I’ve also been able to go back in time with my musical interest; my daughter says my music taste is ‘dinosaur‘-like. Yeah whatever, Taylor!

(She must mean I’m getting old…)

A few nights ago I re-connected with a very special person.

We knew each other from the old neighborhood. This individual was a year older; engaged in conversation with some of my friends, to top it off we had similar interests in; sports, academia and socially.

This particular someone came from a large family, walked the halls of Holy Name, then traveled a few short blocks to Bishop Ford (the high school we both agreed that I should’ve attended).

After high school graduation (them, not me) our paths crossed a few times on the Avenue with a quick ‘hi’ exchange.  It might’ve even came down to the two of us passing each other without any sort of pleasantries. You know what I’m talking about, passing someone that you know but the two of you put your head down like you don’t see the other person. LOL…

Facebook bridged the gap for the two of us and they have also been reading Container Diaries.

It’s been wonderful catching up with them and learning so many things about each other; things we probably should’ve talked about when we were living in the neighborhood. But who shared those types of things? They talk about opening up to a friend,  getting things off your chest… I was too embarrassed to tell anyone about what was going on in my life.

Chalk that one up to maturity-or, lack of ego development…

I hope more people would use the blog to get back in touch with people they once spent time with or if they recognize someone posting a comment on the blog, reach out to them. (Feel free to include your e-mail address with your comments)

It’s been a long time since I’ve spoken with my old ‘friend’; and I’m so happy we re-connected.


At the conclusion of each blog entry I will post a jam from back in the day via You Tube. Enjoy…