Did we have tutor’s back in the 70’s while attending Holy Name? (I sure could’ve used one, I don’t think I ever brought home anything higher than a ‘B’)

Our ten year old daughter attends a session once a week with a local grade school teacher for some Math help.  I wasn’t very good in that subject but my wife was excellent; so she is somewhere in the middle. Come to think of it, I wasn’t very good in any subjects except for recess. I excelled in that area.

With regards to Taylor and her 5th grade Arithmetic, nothing to be alarmed about, just figure since the resource is available here in our area, why not utilize it.

I don’t know about you the reader, (if you have kids that is) but when we sit down with Taylor, it’s tough getting through to her with her studies.  But take her to see the Math tutor at the library, miracles happen! She responds so well.

During my spare time I train basketball players to supplement my income (similar to a personal trainer at the 5th avenue gym). I charge a small fee and work with the player on their skills.  I guess it works because I get a lot of calls from parents because of the work I do.

Once again I ask, did we have tutors available? If we did, who were they? Where did the sessions take place? What did they charge? Because I know we didn’t have basketball trainers available; our training was 6-8 hours in the schoolyard.



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6 Responses to TUTOR ME

  1. SalG says:

    I went to the Andrew Dice Clay School for math. “Hey Dice” the teacher would ask… “What’s the difference between 3/5’s and 2/5’s?”. Yeah what the **** is the difference!! Ooooooooohhhh!

  2. Michelle Gogarty says:

    I can relate to you! I have a 10 year old also and I have no clue what the heck is going on. Things are different today, back in the day homework was a review of what you learned in school. Today, it seems like they are learning as they do it. I thank God she knows what she is doing. We have a system she does the work her way, she has tried to show me how she does it but it is no use I don’t get it! I do it my way she does it her way and if we get the same answer everyone is happy. I had a tutor come in before her state wide tests last year just to be certain she knew what she was doing. The woman was great, she would not take the money because all Sammi needed was reassurance! Go figure! I do not remember tutors back when I went to Holy Name. The nuns use to drill the crap into your head over and over again until you got it! Thankfully, my brother Frankie was a very bright student if I had a problem he would help me out! My only hope in the high school years is Alzheimers?

  3. jAYLOVE says:

    you actually charge people to play a sport?
    how insane is that?
    you are to coach them . yes but top charge them is a little bit too much?
    im not so sure any more. i see alot of people being taken advantage of, but i guess you have to feed your family. almosy anuthing today for the mighty dollar!

    • hoopscoach says:


      Yes I do charge basketball players who want lessons. If you go to a gym and want a personal trainer to teach you and help you learn how to exercise, you pay them, no?

      If someone wants to take piano lessons, are they free? If you hire a tutor for a child, they have to pay, no?

      Taken advantage of people? Nah, that’s not my style. People seek me out because I’m a great basketball trainer so they hire me.

      So, when are you going to email me? Been waiting to hear from you. Or, do you rather post comments on the blog and not let anyone know who you are? or, do we know who you are but you are using an alias?

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