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It’s been a little over two years since I started this blog.  When it first published I was a bit skeptical; the first few weeks we had close to 100 visitors. Then word spread that someone was writing about the neighborhood. Within months readership had reached over 1,000 visitors to the blog.  Among the many reasons for writing the blog was I thought it would be great to relive some of the memories growing up in a great neighborhood with so many interesting people and of course having people reconnect; some who haven’t spoken in over 25 years. You would not believe how many people have hooked up.

It’s fair to say that growing up in Windsor Terrace shaped who I am today.  Whether it was following in the footsteps of an older role model, a teacher or even a coach, we are, as the universal term describes, ‘products of our environment‘.


Many people growing up in the neighborhood experienced a rough and tough life. Some were able to overcome their mishaps.  Some still may be struggling in the mental and possibly physical department but make no mistake, we experienced a lot; each day was an adventure and little did we know at the time we were mapping out a direction in our lives.  One part of life I experienced as a kid and to this day, still practice, is the love of basketball.

A visitor/reader to Container Diaries who goes by the name of  ‘jAYLOVE’ (his spelling, not mine) recently posted a comment in the comments section which was rather unusual. Yes, it caught my attention:

hey coach, all you ever talk about is basketball, does your book talk about it too?
im wondering, i read alot of blogs here, and people seem to shy away from your basketball talk.

Once again, his wording/spelling, not mine.

What fascinates me is this particular visitor to the blog makes a valid point; ‘all I ever talk about is basketball’.  Hmmm..let’s see, for all that know me, basketball is my passion. Not to mention my life.  (Pathetic? I think not) Besides, basketball is not all I write about. (We get many comments on my writings, both positive and negative, I refuse to approve the petty, name-calling ones)

My wife and daughter come first in my life; they have been my backbone.  Health comes second; I try and eat right, get in some exercise and maintain a positive state of mind. Basketball comes in third. I was first introduced to the wonderful game at the age of 5 (39 years ago). Holy Name Boys Schoolyard, tossing a rubber ball up to the netless rim, granny style!

I have been lucky to make a living from basketball. They say you are a success in life if you do what you love and somehow make money from doing it.  I am currently the men’s head basketball coach at Jackson Community College.  Basketball has put me in contact with many great individuals who have helped shaped my life. I also have coached at Bishop Ford High School, Portland High School, Saint Peter’s College, and Michigan State University. Not to mention I have trained many players at all levels.

So yes jAYLOVE, this blog has a lot to do with basketball; it’s what I know and what I am most passionate about. (As for your comment ‘people shy away from your basketball talk’ I would have to disagree)

As a writer, you write what you are passionate about. I am passionate about basketball and my years growing up in Windsor Terrace. So to answer another one of your questions, ‘does my book talk about basketball‘? Yes again Mr. Love, my book, which is in it’s final stages, talks a lot about basketball. The Orange round ball is what shaped me, made a better life for me and helped understand this world we live in.

To conclude, like I tell people, if you don’t like what I write, the easiest and simplest way to avoid the blog is to not visit.

“You are a product of your environment. So choose the environment that will best develop you toward your objective.  Analyze your life in terms of its environment. Are the things around you helping you toward success-or are they holding you back?”

W. Clement Stone



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