Here’s a couple of pictures of a couple of tree’s in my neighborhood.  This is a great time of year! The colors are gorgeous!


Seeing all the leaves falling from the trees, it means I will be raking soon-something came to mind…Do kids gather up leaves and build a huge pile to jump in anymore?


By the  way, I have mentioned it in the past, if you’d like to submit a blog entry, be my guest.  I’d love to hear from people who grew up in the neighborhood and would love to share their experience.  E-mail your material and I’ll post it on the front page. Also looking for pictures from the past or the present of the neighborhood! Have an idea for a blog entry, feel free to e-mail me!


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7 Responses to SCRATCH -N- SNIFF

  1. jim vackner says:

    Regarding the sniff part, I remember raking the leaves at my aunt’s house in Northern Jersey and burning the leaves.. that has got to be one of the greatest odors of all time.. unfortunately, now we can only bag them.. or crush em up for mulch.
    Here’s to a great season for your team!!

  2. jackie kelly says:

    Raking up leaves ? I always thought the wind blew them away;-)

  3. jim vackner says:

    In Brooklyn they blow away… in Staten Island, if you are a corner lot and not fenced.. you get everyone’s leaves…..
    So ya pick em up, bag em, and they are garbage.. or you use them for mulch… One day, I will send my wife away for a long weekend, and concrete the whole front and side…
    That’s another reason for us to retire to Windsor Place,,,,

  4. TonyF16thSt says:

    This is the best time of the year. Nothing like being in the woods during hunting season.
    After November you can keep it, I want to go South.

    • hoopscoach says:

      I’d like to relocate to the South too…Not liking all these winters here in Michigan. Hate driving in the snow…

  5. jim vackner says:

    I’m with you guys.. Steve, we have been lucky the past couple of winters.. not too much snow or freezing temps.. score one for global warming….

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