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There are a few dates on the calender that when someone mentions them, or you happen to think about them, immediately you recall where you were on those dates.  For instance, 9-11, Dec. 25, 4th of July, Jan 1, and probably your birthday.

To some, these dates hold a special place in their hearts. For some, not so much.

Yesterday was October 15 and during the A.M. while glancing at my planner, something occurred to me.  October 15 was usually the official day the Bible hit newsstands. No, not that bible, I’m talking ‘Street and Smith’s’ Official Yearbook.

The thing was like Gold in my hands.


It cost us about $2.00 and came out once a year.  I recall paying once with two dollars in change…

I would take it home or the schoolyard and read it cover to cover.

Starting with the High school section in the beginning all the way to the NBA schedule in the back.  It covered everything; Small college basketball,  Girls basketball, Juco, every D-1 conference in the country and of course the NBA.

I’m not sure when my love for the magazine tailed off but today, when I realized the date, it brought me back, way back.

One year I walked into Ray and Otto’s and looked all over their wall of magazines for the Bible.  After looking for a few minutes, I didn’t see it.  I thought to myself, “hmmm…, it’s October 15th, what the heck?”

“Ray, do you have Street and Smith’s?” I asked.

“No, it didn’t get here yet.”

I walked out and down the street to Tokyo Joe’s, on the corner of 16th street.

“Do you have Street and Smith’s? I asked as I poked my head in the door.

“Yeah, right here.” Joe said as he disappeared for a second behind the counter and pulled out a bundle of magazines tied up.

I walked inside the store and pulled out my money.

“First one.” Joe said as he clipped the string and handed me the copy on top.  I handed him the money and left.



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