This morning while sipping coffee at home I opened up the New York Times and came across a story on Berry sisters (Katie and Kristy) who are having a hard time finding a job in New York City.  (Actually I should state they are looking to begin their career’s)

So, you ask?

That’s what I said.

I read the story a bit further and found out that the sisters are from Columbus, Ohio, are 24 years old and both graduated from Rutgers University.

Again, you ask, so?

Yeah, Yeah, I know, I know; I’m with ya!

Like you, I can’t believe the Times would waste time and space on this subject.  There are thousands of people in New York city UNEMPLOYED.  There are thousands working jobs making minimum wage.

We can all agree that the country is going through tough economical times as we speak and the unemployment rate is at an all-time high in some States across our nation.  But give me a break with these twins from Ohio.


I’m sure they are very nice, educated, young ladies but to write a story about them? (But you know what, with this piece, someone will see it and I bet they will get something soon or maybe their own reality show.  Heck, the Kardashians have a reality show and they have ‘zero’ to offer)

My late mother Carol worked her ass off raising three kids by herself.  She worked 3 jobs at once for a long time…she barely slept, all she cared about was putting us through school, paying the rent and putting food on our table.  All this with an 8th grade education. A newspaper never did a story on her.

Click here for the piece in the Times and tell me what you think.  Here’s a small item from the full page article.

Good kids who went to good schools, the brassy, effervescent Barry twins, 24, always envisioned their young adulthood in New York City as a lush time of stimulating work, picturesque travel and a rich social orbit. But they graduated into a downbeat nightmare of a job market. According to an analysis of government data by the Economic Policy Institute, the unemployment rate for college graduates under 27 so far this year averaged 7.1 percent, nearly double what it was in 2007 and the highest yearly average in the 30 years this data point has been tracked.

And so Kristy and Katie and most of their friends are forever hunting for jobs, both mundane interim work to sustain them and long-term positions that could mean a career. Many days, it is as if they are stalking something on the endangered species list.

I wish the twins all the luck in the world in finding a job they enjoy and I hope they make enough money to live in New York City. They need to keep at it, no matter how many rejections they encounter. Successful people know they must create their own opportunities and be ready for them when they arrive.

I thought it was interesting that the twins like to jump in a coffee shop to get on their laptops and surf the net.  My first step would be to apply for a gig as a Barista there and see where that takes them.

One twin in the story mentioned she wanted to hire a ‘Life Coach‘ to tell her what she was doing wrong.  She’s probably doing all the right things but I’m not sure if someone told her, “kid, it ain’t easy…”



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14 Responses to WILL WORK FOR…

  1. Ed Kearns says:

    I’ve been living in Cincinnati, Ohio for the last 71/2 years. The jobless rate is the same all over the country. We here in Cinci read about the jobless situation in New York, but, yet none of us say ” What about the “Buckeye State”. people are people all over and I feel that there should be a general concern about this issue no matter wher you’re from. I’m sure that other States read about the country too. Unemployment effects us all no matter where wwe’re fromaand, I feel that every body that feels the crunch s just as concerned about there Hometown people as the other citizens.

    • hoopscoach says:

      Eddie, I’m with ya. I’m in Michigan and it is bad. I just hope we can get through it but in the meantime, no reason to whine, complain or make excuses. We all need to come together and help each other. Stop placing blame on this person, stop mud slinging, and most of all, keep pursuing!

      Thanks for sharing…College Football team in Cincy (Bearcats) are doing well.

  2. Ed Kearns says:

    I wholeheartedly agree with you. And the Bengals still suck! 🙂

  3. jackie kelly says:

    A “Life Coach” ? Could there be a ” You have no job so how can expect to pay for a ‘Life Coach’ Coach”. And if there isn’t why not?. We have a new job market out there and we’ll call it “Coaches For All Occasions”.

    • hoopscoach says:

      Jackie, I could save her a lot of money. I don’t think anyone told her just how hard things can be.

      I have a cool ‘Top 10’ list written by the founder of Wendy’s Hamburgers, Dave Thomas and he talks about 10 things we never learned in school; need to locate it and post it on the blog. (I think it was Dave Thomas).

      Heard a great quote once, “You learn in your 20’s but you earn in your 30’s.”

  4. Chief says:

    Coach ,had the opportunity to know Dave Thomas. He was a humble and down to earth good person. Here are few of Dave’s rules.

    !.) When you help someone ,you really help yourself.

    2.) Give back ,early and often

    3.)Put more into life than you get out of it.

    4.) Honesty is the twin to Integrity.

    5.) Easy street is closed for repairs !

    • hoopscoach says:

      Thanks Chief! I knew they were ‘nuggets’. Hope you are well. How’s that left-handed jump-shot?

      • Chief says:

        All is well with the Mahoney’s ! Regarding the left handed jump shot..to quote Joe Farrell….
        “I coundn’t throw a pea in a wok” (but I keep trying)

      • hoopscoach says:

        From watching, I thought you shot a high pct from the field. Glenn says you are the all-time leading rebounder and shot-blocker in HN Summer league history.

  5. jim vackner says:

    It is a tough market out there but sometimes you have to settle for a job to keep earning and it increases your chances of getting hired for the job that has to do with your major. It speaks volumes about your work ethic. Plenty of us had jobs that to make a buck. We worked fast food, bank tellers, retai, messenger, delivered newspapers, and my favorite being a janitor (part time 2.45 an hour). Your idea at working at the coffee shop they go to is a great idea.. I know Starbucks provides benefits. This may be a potential blog: what was the worst or best job you had as a kid?”

    • hoopscoach says:

      Jim that is a good idea for a blog entry. Will keep that in mind and begin research on it. They say 65% of people go into career field’s other than their college major…

  6. jim vackner says:

    Ever hear from Steve or Paul McLaughlin ? I was down the next block (7th and 8th) and hugn out with Steve and Little Soupy Campbell…

  7. Steve Whelan says:

    It is a human interest story. Just like what happens on your blog. It is a comparison for many and they equate themselves with the persons. Some will feel empathy, others distain because they should “stop crying”. Everyone will have their opinion ..lower your expectations.. get another career..wipe tables while waiting..walk to work in the snow like I had to do. What our children will inherit is a lower standard of living and a large debt that they will have to pay for our spending. There are many less intelegent and lazy persons who will get those jobs because of connections. Let us admire the Kristie and Katie and wish them luck. The best advice anyone can give is ..do your best and try to be at peace with yourself and others. All you old farts out there..stop relating solutions to modern problems by reminding those just starting out how much more difficult we had it. We have no idea what this and future generations will have to deal with. So if I drank I would raise a toast to them both and wish the happiness, as I do to everyone who is reading this.

    • hoopscoach says:

      Steve, I wished them luck in the entry. But I thought it was a little much to write about them. They live in Manhattan, hang out at coffee shops on their laptops and one actually makes $800 bucks a week tending bar.

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