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The New Jersey Nets of the NBA are planning on moving from Jersey to Brooklyn.  Sweet…

But wait, this just in, there is a group of people in Brooklyn who oppose this move. Yes, there is an organized group ‘Don’t Destroy Brooklyn’, that use the late George Carlin’s line, ‘Not in my backyard’.


Here’s a tidbit from Wikipedia:

In 2005 the Nets announced plans to locate the team in the Prospect Heights neighborhood of Brooklyn. One of the members of the ownership group is rap mogul and Brooklyn native Jay-Z. The team would be renamed Brooklyn Nets (current working title), “New York Nets,” or have a new name attached to its Brooklyn location. Jay-Z expressed interest in renaming the team the “Brooklyn Ballers”. If they move they might change the colors of their logo to black, red and yellow.

The Nets basketball organization is one of the most popular in the league.  Dating back to the ABA days, they, along with the Denver Nuggets, Indiana Pacers and San Antonio Spurs were able to make the jump to the NBA in 1976 when the ABA folded. Nate Archibald, Julius Erving, Rick Barry, Supa John Williamson, Wendell Ladner, Al Skinner, Brian Taylor, Buck Williams, ‘Petro’, Michael Ray, Albert King, Jason Kidd and many others have worn the Nets uniform and have delighted fans all over the metropolitan area.  I can recall back in the early 80’s taking the ‘F’ train from Brooklyn to 42nd street, strutting down forty-doo wop on my way to Port Authority Bus Terminal on 8th avenue to catch the bus over to the Meadowlands.

P.A.  didn’t even have an assigned ‘bus-stop’ for Nets fans…all seven of us; the bus driver would drop us off at the racetrack and I would have to walk over to the arena.

(Image Courtesy of 1 Stop Over in Brooklyn Blog)

I have spoken to many people from Brooklyn who have been following this issue and they all have told me it would be a great idea to have a professional sports team in Brooklyn.

The Bronx, Manhattan and Queens all have professional teams.  It’s time Brooklyn, a great borough has one.  And what better sport to have than basketball!