I have been informed that Michael Bundrick has passed away.  

If anyone has any more news please e-mail me any details.  

A few days ago I mentioned Bundrick in one of my blog entry’s.  Click here to read where I placed the dude some called ‘Bunny‘.  

I am going to compose a blog entry on Bundrick later today.



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21 Responses to MICHAEL BUNDRICK R.I.P.

  1. Glenn Thomas says:

    I just came home today 8/27 from Brazil for I was away with my wife and kids for just about two months. While there in Brazil I was frequently writing and contributing on this blog. I mentioned in an earlier piece on the blog about an earlier topic that Michael Bundrick was doing well on Sherman Street. I had the pleasure of re-connecting with Michael when he moved back to the neighborhood after living out in the Pacific Northwest for many years. Although Michael was about 5 years older than me, we often played hoops against each other when we were younger either in the HN Summer League or just pick up ball in the schoolyard. Michael left the neighborhood many years ago to take care of some issues that he had. My intention is not to write about Michael`s personal life but I felt it important for people to understand the good person that he truly was. Michael moved out to what I believe was Seattle, WA and opened a few very successful businesses. He regained his life and was doing great. He came back home to live here on Sherman St. just about two years ago to care for his mom. Michael’s mom and dad had been split for many years with dad living in Florida and mom here on Sherman St. in Windsor Terrace. Both of Michael`s parents were extremely sick and passed away last year within months of one another after some very tough and agonizing illnesses. I saw and heard first hand what Michael was dealing with which was too much for anyone to take.
    I admired Michael for was a “battler”. He kept on going no matter how difficult his road would become. I admired the way he bounced back from that very difficult adversity. In the last few years he and I would speak often on the street and share some laughs. He had a great sense of humor that although he had left Brooklyn quite along time ago he had never lost that true “Brooklyn charm”. He was the consumate “chop breaker” to say the least. Aside from that Michael was a very decent and kind man that always made time to talk and say hello on the street. I commend Michael for his toughness in how he kept going despite his personal setbacks. Please keep Michael Bundrick in your prayers for he was a good man. May God rest his soul.
    Glenn Thomas and The Thomas Family

  2. hoopscoach says:

    Thanks Glenn, the Sherman Street people know each other well.

  3. BILLY SHAW(Tumpy) says:

    Michael Bunderick was one of my best friends growing up.We spent many days hanging out in his basement playing pool and listening to music.About a year ago after not being back in the neighborhood for over 20 years I stopped by his house and rang his bell but unfortunitly he wasnt home so I left him a note telling him a blast from the past had stopped by to see him and to give me a call.The next day he called me and we spoke for a over an hour .He told me that he had just moved back to the neighborhood after living for some years in seattle because both his mom and dad had died within a year of each other.We talked of all the good times and good people that we had the fortune to grow up with.Bunny as he was known to many was a truly good guy with a heart as big as him.I am shocked that he passed away at such a young age. Bunny my friend I will miss you and hope that your at peace.You will be fondly remembered

    • hoopscoach says:

      Thanks Billy, great stuff as usual. When I come back to NY for Thanksgiving I’m going to do what you did with Bunny and ring some doorbells around the neighborhood and if that certain someone is not home, I’m going to leave a note.

  4. D Leary says:

    I hadnt seen Mike in years, but he was definitley one of the cool guys. He had swagger even as a young guy. He was one of the guys you wanted to be like when you were younger. Really sorry to hear about Mike.

  5. happy420 says:

    I was just hanging out with Mike and Maryann this past weekend, had fun. Mike B. is a friend of mine, he was living with my good friend Maryann B. and I am in shock over what had happened. The memories I have hanging out with Mike and Maryann I will always treasure. God has a plan for Mike and that plan is to make him a beautiful angel and to watch over all that loved him, especially Maryann who is left here very heartbroken. Well, I can go on and on but still very saddened over what happened.

    Rest in peace Mike.

    Joann Hickey

  6. BILLY SHAW(Tumpy) says:

    Does anyone know what happened .I would appreciate it if someone who knows what happened would e mail me and let me know?

  7. Diane C. says:

    Hey Steve,
    My sister Marianne and Michael were together now for over 2 yrs and i never seen a couple more fitting for each other. Even though he was a Yankee fan and me a Met fan we butted heads a few times but they were very much in love and made each other very happy. I always will remmeber his quirky sense of humor and his love of ay sporting game on tv. also how big his heart was for family weather mine or his and his friends. He will be sorely missed and I am grateful to him for giving my sister happiness that she has not had for a long time. RIP Michael and watch over her from above

  8. Terryandtee says:

    my husband Terry and I have recently become the best friends with Mike. We have also been best friend with Mariane for over 35 years. We have had many many laughs. I have sooo many great memories of us hangin out together.Even the memories of Mike forcing everyone to use a coaster and we always enjoyed making fun of him for it.(and now I’m being laughed at because I’m doing it for him) There was also many nights when Mike and I were up talking and realized how very wise and helpful he was to me in certain situations.He was also very patient and calm with me.( and anyone who knows me ,knows thats not easy to do,,,keep me calm!!!)When I first met Mike( right after his Mom’s passing) He became quite the hermit and depressed but because of the LOVE of Marianne and his true friends that seen him threw his hard times,we all got to witness him slowly returning to the man he was today….Gentle, Kind, Humorous, Helpful, and Wise!!!!!!Again, my condolence to ALL the families and friends. Michael, I promise I will have everyone use coasters and we will also miss you knocking over your “cup” at least once a night.I will always treasure our special and private talks(as brother and sister)and I also treasure the trust that you had in me to include me in your future plans with Marianne. Of course, Terry will always miss and love you always. Sooooooo,Good-Bye my friend (for now)and I’LL MEET YOU IN IRELAND,BUDDY!!!!!!!lOVE and FRIENDSHIP FOREVER. THERESA AND TERRY O’HANLON

  9. Marianne (Mary) says:


    I am missing you so very much!!!! Mike Clarity called and is so heartbroken about you, he wishes he could be here to say goodbye so I will say if for Him Goodbye as he would say Michael O’ Michael love you buddy!!!!!! Later Brother!!!!!!!

    I will never forget oue nights in the city just sitting and watching the planes from the Seaport, that will always be a special place for us. I LOVE YOU!!!!!!! ALWAYS AND FOREVER, Marianne

  10. stacy says:

    I wish we got to experiece more…and i’m sorrry way sorry…. i didn’t … way sorry… i didn’t get to give the computer lesson that u wanted…i feel horrible..please acceppt my love!

  11. Jeff Nance says:

    Brooklyn Mike is what we called him in Seattle. I didn’t know much about his life in NY but in the 5 years we were friends we shared a lot of laughs.
    I happened to be in the city on a motorcycle ride and tried to get ahold of him since I hadn’t seen him in years but with no luck. I left him a couple of messages busting his chops and headed back to Seattle.
    4 days later I stopped for lunch in small town and while sitting alone in an empty restaurant my phone rang, It was Bundrick, I had just missed him.
    Got home the next day and heard he had been killed in a fight.
    I couldn’t believe it, I called his number and left a message for him.
    I hope he got it.

    Mike was a solid dude, He did what he said he would do when he said he would do it and I miss him.

    Can anybody shed some light on what happened to him please

    • Red says:

      Thanks for checking in Jeff…

      We called him “Bunny.” He was some basketball player. Could really jump. He was a good scorer in the low post, decent shot blocker and good rebounder. We had a summer league in our schoolyard many years ago and Bunny played for “Parkside.” A team made up of a bunch of guys who hung out together and it was a lot of fun watching them play.

      I’m sure we have some readers of the blog who can chime in a little more about Bunny.

      Thanks again.

  12. Trinidad says:

    I know what happen to Mike
    Plus we hung out when he lived in Kirkland I was sadden about his death

  13. Trinidad Roman says:

    I will shed some light on Mikes death
    He was in a bar fight he hit the ground somebody kicked him in the head and it was pretty much the cause of his death he died in the bar fight
    Here’s my number

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