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With it being late July, and of course school being out for the kids, I am the official ‘stay-at-home dad during the dog days of summer!

Taylor and I (she’s 10) always sleep-in, watch TV, eat breakfast then do our own thing until about noon.  Then the fun begins.

We go bike riding, we go swimming to either the Health Club or a cool Water Park nearby.  We play whiffle ball outside our house and sometimes we go shoot some hoops.  (Today we’re going to Barnes and Noble to buy a book for her).

Do you recall as a kid growing up on whichever street you lived, doing some cool things in the summer (in the neighborhood), not going away to another part of the State or even out of State.  What were some of the things you did as a student at Holy Name during the months of July and August.

Did yo go to Day Camp? Hang out in the schoolyard?  Go to Prospect Park? Hang out on your stoop?