This past weekend they had the Peter Heaney Memorial Fishing Trip.  I heard a lot of good things about it. (4 kegs + 60 people = a lot of fun!)

(Update July 29th) Kudos to Brook Budd and Chris Bullock for making it happen.

I always liked Peter Heaney, whenever I was playing baseball in the lot I always saw him come out of his house across the street and walk over to watch us play.   Here are some photo’s from the trip thanks to Diane C.  Please feel free to post your comments below about Peter.

Peter Heaney 4

Peter Heaney 1

Peter Heaney 2

Peter Heaney 3

Peter Heaney 5

Chris Bullock

Some words from Glenn T.:

Peter Heaney was a big man with a big heart! He was my classmate at HN -Class of 1977. Peter was probably one of the toughest kids growing up due to his size and strength but was always respectful and kind to others.  He left this world too early. I remember the whole Heaney family on 16th Street. They were and still are great people. My best to the Heaney’s wherever they may be residing these days.

Peter’s sister:

Thank you for your nice words. It’s true-he was a big man with an even bigger heart! Peter will always be one of the nicest people I will ever know.  I live out in N.J. near Kathleen and my parents. Thomas, Mary, and John are in Pennsylvania and Patrick is still in Bklyn. His kids are in Holy Name. We have funny memories of the neighborhood and school. It was a great neighborhood to grow up in. So many wonderful people.
All our best to you and your family (and the class of 1977)