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Remember as a kid waking up before everyone else in your house on a Saturday morning?  Watching cartoons and eating cereal.  You were playing ball in the schoolyard before 9AM!

This morning I awoke earlier than normal.  6:30 to be exact.  I usually like to sleep in in Saturday’s; say around 8:30- 9ish.  How come when you don’t have to get up early, you can’t sleep?  But when you have to get up early, you want to sleep?  To make matters worse, while making my coffee this morning, I just realized we ran out of sugar (I’m one of those guys who need a ton of sugar in their coffee)  I’m a light and sweet drinker…So I’m using some of that hideous tasting substitute sugar my wife has hidden way in the back of the cabinet for a replacement…tastes like perfume!

Speaking of java, yesterday one of my favorite coffee spot’s here in East Lansing closed it’s doors.  Not sure why but I’m going to miss them.  I’ve been going there for a good 10 years.  Whether it was the early morning, mid afternoon or even in the evening I always enjoyed my visit (but when their wireless went down, all hell broke loose).  I’d usually boycott them for a day or two.

I feel for the college students that worked there-I’m sure they were told before hand but you never know.  From what I’m hearing, yesterday afternoon there must’ve been close to 30 patrons sitting at tables on their laptops, chatting or reading the newspapers and the owners announced that they were closing…at that moment.  Sorta like a ‘last-call’. Here are a couple of photos I took last night.

IMG_0645Yes that is my bike in front of the newspaper boxes…

IMG_0648The infamous empty parking lot.

Blame it on the economy (Michigan Unemployment rate is at 15%) if you want.  But all I know is a lot of people will be looking for a new coffee spot.