When McBears  beat Farrell’s in football down on Farragut Road for the championship I walked past the bar located on 10th avenue and Prospect a couple of hours after the game.   Players and fans had spilled out onto the street soaking up the fun.  I had my basketball with me heading down to East 5th street.  The hit single by McFadden and Whitehead, ‘Ain’t No Stoppin’ Us Now’ was blasting from the speakers and Anthony Page was going bonkers…

Something sent to me and written from a reader of Container Diaries…


I just wanted to reiterate what everyone has been writing in and expressing. Thank you for the blog.What probably started out as a simple idea to talk about the neighborhood we grew up in, blossomed into something so much more.This blog has become more than just a forum for old friends to reminisce, it is the modern day version of sitting on the stoop and shooting the breeze with family and friends. Everyone had an opinion and it all mattered.

In the last year and a half that you have been writing this blog, I dare one person to step forward who hasn’t laughed at least once at the fables and follies listed here. It is true the stories, like a fine wine, just get better with age. The embellishments of and the attempts at remembering these stories are unmatched- simply priceless.

Who hasn’t felt some kind of emotion at the news of the passing or bad luck that may have happened upon an old friend.- Jackie Kelly, may you continue to carry on with God- while I have not seen Jack in over 29 years and I am around ten years younger than him, I do indeed remember him -and from his comments I would think he is still the the funny, happy go lucky guy I knew (Is that pound of baloney ready yet?) Around PS 10’s, Jackie was considered one of the “big boys” as the younger boys like myself would refer to them as. 

Thinking about all these stories, I got to thinking about an idea for a blog entry. Since these blog entries always trigger a memory, why not write in a  favorite memory or a story about what the blog has meant to them -anything. I will even be the first to go.

For me, Container Diaries has given me another avenue or great topic of discussion with both my brother, sister and other family members. I will mention something to them and the memories it triggers are incredible. The stories they tell would have otherwise been lost had it not been something from the blog to spur it on. 

The adventures they went on, the people they remember, the reactions from them when I relate something I remember or even the way I remember it- again- priceless. It is also a great charge when I think back to my mindset then and what it has evolved into today. I actually can see the person I was and the person I have become. I am enjoying this journey called life. 

I know there are a lot more people who read the blog as opposed to those who contribute. I am sure there are many who would love to write in. Steve has done a better than commendable job here- now is the time for others to chime in.


What a great idea!  Who’s ready?  Send me your thoughts at hoops135@hotmail.com



Thanks for all the kind words here and via e-mail –