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For some strange reason (I say strange because a lot of my thoughts lately fall under that category) I was thinking of 12th street.  The 12th street I was thinking about this morning while working out is the one between 8th and 9th avenue (or should I say Prospect Park West).

I know of one person who lives there these days, my man Chris Johnson.  But as a youngster I had a few friends that called 12th street home.  Guys like John Godfrey, Jimmy and John Corrar (of course their late brother Joey), I’m also trying hard to think of a girl that lived on that block who I thought was beautiful. (I was 14). I also want to say the Hamil’s grew up there but I may be wrong.


We used to hang out in Godfrey’s apartment, or even Corrar’s place just a few doors down; my late mother Carol was friends with Corrar’s mother so we were there often.

I loved playing stickball on the street.  I recall Jimmy Corrar hitting a blast that sent the outfielder close to the parkside.

There was that grocery store on the corner of 8th avenue and I can recall the delivery bike that was always parked outside standing against the brick wall.

Here’s a cool one minute of the block via You Tube.  Cool stuff.

I’m sure there were other kids who attended Holy Name back in the day that lived on 12th street.  I wasn’t there as much as I should’ve been because Godfrey and the Corrar’s were cool people.  I think it was the long walk from the schoolyard, where we hung out.  By the way, which train station do you think people on that block took; 15th street or 7th avenue station?

Do you have any memories of 12th street? Remember, between 8th and 9th.