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As soon as the weather gets warm, everyone goes outside and washes their car.  Driving around today I see many automobile owners waiting on line to drive their vehicle through the soap, rinse and dry machines…charging anywhere from $5 to $40. You also see guys in their driveway giving their cars the homemade business; green hose, bucket of soap, sponge and of course a ton of old towels.

Car Wash has a different meaning for me.

When I was a young boy back in the 70’s, I’d go to Saint Francis College to watch the Terrier men’s basketball team down on  Remsen Street in Brooklyn Heights.   Before the game started I would watch both teams warm up on their layup lines.  Best part of warm-ups was the music they played.  Rose Royce had a great jam back in the day, “Car Wash”.  During the layup lines  Terrier guard Larry Wingate would be standing on the foul line catching passes and then the return pass back to a cutting teammate for the layup; sorta like a pass and cut scheme.   I’d also have my eyes fixed on our own Gerard Trapp at the back of the line jumping up and down clearly getting loose and pumped up  for the game.  (Along with the hit single Car Wash they played those nights was a cut by Stevie Wonder, ‘Sir Duke’.)

Nothing has changed in terms of warming up for a basketball game.  Fast forward 30 years today and they are still rockin’ jams during warmups.  My assistant coach put together a cool CD with all Motown jams, I think for our first home game next season we’ll play that instead of what my guys play.