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Whenever I step into an establishment that offers free Wi-Fi I’m always under the impression you’ll just log on as soon as you power up.  At certain places, I get strong signals, other places I have a hard time connecting.  Kinda like your cell phone; if you’re driving through an area where  there are zero towers/zero bars, you lose your call or you’ll be unable to make one.   Many refer to this as a ‘dead zone’; on my phone it says, ‘Extended Network’ or that infamous, ‘Roaming’ signal.    If you’ve seen the Verizon commercial “can you hear me now”? you know what I’m talkin’ about.

Dead zones suck – they put you in a bad mood. I get frustrated when my call gets dropped.

In our neighborhood we had the opposite – we had ‘live zones’.  Places you loved being at with friends.

(Compliments of the Fog Room)

Here are my top 3 Live zones.

The Schoolyard: (Boys or Girls) Playing basketball with friends or shooting late at night alone.  This concrete haven was one of the most popular live zones in the area.  In the girls schoolyard we played slap ball, stick ball and even football.

Any Street Corner: Hanging with friends listening to the radio or having conversations.  Laughing, smiling, arguing…you name it, we did it ‘down on the corner’.

Parkside: I think every teenager in the neighborhood hung out on the Parkside at one time or another.  Whether it was by the Circle, staircase leading to the subway, 10th avenue,  across from 1 PPSW, down by Seeley…Having the park benches made it easy access but if there weren’t any benches available, the stone wall did the trick.  During poker games we even planted our asses on the ground to form a friendly, cozy circle.

Sure there were other spots we hung out and others reading the blog probably had their favorite places but those three stand out when I think about the most popular hangouts…in other words, a Live Zone.