Gotta move on, you’ve seen enough of me, no?  Thanks for all the comments on my suit, picture and hair…(I look fat in that picture!)

How about this team below?

Think they can beat the Celtics?

Wonder if they can beat my team?

Can you see anyone you know?

Ladies and gentlemen, now starting for Holy Name…



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3 Responses to ‘NUFF OF ME…

  1. H Mills says:

    Moe ID’s Joe Brennan, G Conlin, Ken Nolan & Jimmy Maloney on “Leave A Comment” on this ’63 HN team. Does anyone else know who’s who ?

  2. moe says:

    vinny massella jim maloney billy murry still thinkin mike layden tex cummings mike volpe ken murry ken nolan johnny smidlin jerry shoe pascousie jimmy chim grushoule ed lyons jimmy obrien moe g conlin and coach joe brennan

  3. moe says:

    1962 holy name jr champs cyo i think

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