Thanks to my long time friend, John-John for taking this picture of me a few weeks ago.


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28 Responses to BESIDE A LANDMARK

  1. jimmy vack says:

    Love the METS sign in the window!!!!

  2. H Mills says:

    Hi Coach— Nice photo! Still handsome as ever! But where’s your container???

  3. Karen (Artz) Shanley says:

    You look so professional

  4. Betty T.B.K. says:

    Red where the hell did the red hair go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great shot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. corrado says:

    Hey Steve ; would have never recognized you . you get better looking with age They say its like wine the older the better I guess ur friends u grew up with can call u ( RED )

  6. jimmy vack says:

    No offense coach, but Karen needs a new prescription for those granny glasses of hers…

  7. jimmy vack says:

    I mean you look sharp and Karen is as obserant as ever…

  8. Glenn Thomas says:

    You look like you just made your first Holy Communion at HN! You are missing the carnation!

  9. Dan Leary says:

    i THINK WE HAVE A PICTURE IN FRONT OF hAROLDS PUB on Ft Hamilton Pkwy across from IHM for every sacrament that me or my brothers made. Reminds me, like Glenn said of my communion picture.

  10. TONYF16ST says:

    Hey Steve is that one of your coaching suits?
    Harry’s right you should of posed with a container in hand.
    Someone said you brought the suit back to Smith’s after you took the picture. LOL

  11. jimmy vack says:

    Does that suit come in adult sizes?

  12. TonyF16St says:

    Steve it looks like a Robert Hall. Robert threw it out and you Halled it in.
    I kill me

  13. jimmy vac says:

    Duck!!! it looks like buttons are gonna be flyin!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. jimmy vac says:

    Always remember ,”If you can’t laugh at yourself, then we’ll laugh at you”.. And ,”it takes a big man to cry and it takes a bigger man to laugh at that man.”
    I think I saw one of the Lolly Pop KIds wearing the same suit to the Oscars!!

    • hoopscoach says:

      Now you’re a philosopher? Or are you plagiarizing? Just make sure you are practicing what you preach when it comes to firing shots. OMG, your one-liners are making me laugh so loud! Do you do stand-up at night? When’s the next show?

  15. jimmy vac says:

    I put quotes around it.. the first one is mine .. the second may be from SNL…I have a fondness for short jokes.. tall jokes just ain’t funny.. and being a fellow redhead (now combo of orange,& gray)those ain’t funny either!!!

    • hoopscoach says:

      Speaking of tall jokes, one day I heard a story about a basketball player who was approached by a kid and the kid asked, ‘How’s the weather up there’?, while looking up to the 7-footer. The tall basketball player promptly spit on him and said, ‘it’s raining.’

      Not a joke, a true story.

  16. jimmy vac says:

    It must be tough being short.. you are the first one to know when there is a flood and the last to know when it is raining….

  17. Bobby Trapp says:

    Looking Good, Steven. I can almost see your Red Hair. All grown up ,no more little Steven or little Red. looking Good.

  18. Dee Dee says:

    Fin are you sure that is you???? I vote for a younger Jimmy Slavin.
    Dee Dee

  19. jimmy vack says:

    Went to Farrell’s yesterday after working on the Wimdsor Pl house with my son Brian and buddy Richie. Ran into Jim Kelly , Pat Byrnes and Red Slavin.. Has a great time and and the beer is better than ever…

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