We can all agree that everyone has some sort of addiction.

Well this past weekend I became addicted to something that just hit me.

I fell off.


I was turned on to it by my best friend.  Then my wife pushed it on me.  I had seen and heard about it for a long time.

What was I doing, I thought to myself?

It started with a little bit and now, 48 hours later, it’s escalated to an obsession.  (Can I stop?)

The minute I wake up I’m thinking of it.  Thinking about who else is using.

It has taken over.  Almost…

I always said, “I’m not gonna do it, I’m not gonna get pulled in”  I had been pretty good for a while, but it finally took over.  I thought it was just for the younger gen.

Yes folks, I’m suffering from FAD.

But fear not, it’s treatable, and I think I can keep it under control.  But it’s hard.  As I’m composing this blog entry, I am sneaking a bit.

FAD is one of the most addictive social phenomena to sweep the world.

Call me weak, call me a sell-out, tell me I gave in to peer pressure.

My new addiction is Facebook.

What is Facebook you ask?

Well go to Facebook.com

Sign up and see what I’m talking about.

Be careful, you may become addicted.