We can all agree that everyone has some sort of addiction.

Well this past weekend I became addicted to something that just hit me.

I fell off.


I was turned on to it by my best friend.  Then my wife pushed it on me.  I had seen and heard about it for a long time.

What was I doing, I thought to myself?

It started with a little bit and now, 48 hours later, it’s escalated to an obsession.  (Can I stop?)

The minute I wake up I’m thinking of it.  Thinking about who else is using.

It has taken over.  Almost…

I always said, “I’m not gonna do it, I’m not gonna get pulled in”  I had been pretty good for a while, but it finally took over.  I thought it was just for the younger gen.

Yes folks, I’m suffering from FAD.

But fear not, it’s treatable, and I think I can keep it under control.  But it’s hard.  As I’m composing this blog entry, I am sneaking a bit.

FAD is one of the most addictive social phenomena to sweep the world.

Call me weak, call me a sell-out, tell me I gave in to peer pressure.

My new addiction is Facebook.

What is Facebook you ask?

Well go to

Sign up and see what I’m talking about.

Be careful, you may become addicted.


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19 Responses to ADDICTION

  1. Glenn T. says:

    There’s a lot worse addictions than that! It takes time to get up and started on FB and then like everything else the bloom comes off the rose! Facebook is a great communication tool!
    I reconnected with a childhood friend that moved away after we spent third grade together in Ms. Lynch’s class at Holy Name. I haven’t seen or heard from him in something like 35 years. FB can definitely be a bit addicting but like everything else “all in moderation”

  2. jimmy vac says:

    Mine is Chocolate Milk. I have been fighting this addiction for over 40 years. I cannot go more than 24 hours without a large glass of Chocolate milk. I still need to have half a tablespoon of the powder directly in the mouth. I have reduced it to three quarters of a cup nbut that is still about 16 ounces..
    As a “yoot” in the middle of stickball games, I would sprint in the house punting my dog and little sister out of the way. I would proceed to sqirting syrup, or spooning the powder in my mouth, grab a marge gulp of mike.. run back to the street punting said beagle and sister again, mixing and drinking the concotion in my mouth along the way.. Deelicious….
    The internet is pretty addictive too but I take days off from it without a problem. I have amazed myself reading sports, bios, or listening to music on YouTube and being shocked Iwas on for three hours…. I’ll check out FAcebook as long as it does not
    interfere with chocolate milk time. .

  3. hoopscoach says:


    Thanks man, it’s your fault! LOL

    Nah, I really enjoy it; great networking tool. We had our own facebook in the neighborhood! It will help me connect with friends from the past and of course, will help me recruit. i made contact with Naclerio…

  4. Eileen Slavin McElroy says:

    “Welcome to the addiction” is my standard line to everyone just joining FB! I became addicted just over a month ago now and have discovered more long lost friendships than I can count…so…welcome to the addiction!

  5. bill shaw(tumpy) says:

    Hey Red…………….Thats Gay lol.I guess if I lived in Michigan Id be on facebook to.

  6. Paul Ramos says:

    Fin, I’ve been on Facebook for some time now and yes I’m addicted. I notice its spreading around the neighborhood, hope to see ya there.

  7. Diane says:


    It started as a once in a while thing, now I find myself on it almost every night. I must say I hooked up with alot of old friends that long ago i lost touch with. Welcome to Fb and Ill look you up there !

  8. Maureen Rice (Flanagan) says:

    I signed onto Facebook, but really have no idea how to navigate it, have neither the time, or , truth be told, the inclination. However, I have been getting some hits from the Diaries readers, which have to come through the connection with you. So, I have confirmed as friends anyone who has invited me, but don’t look for me there, unless I somehow get a big chunk of time to figure it out, but I can be found on the Blog here 🙂

  9. hoopscoach says:


    You gotta give it time, you’ll be hooked in no time. Spread the word to all your friends…

  10. TonyF16St says:

    I have a freaking hard eough time with this. I don’t know how these kids do it.

  11. Maureen Rice (Flanagan) says:

    “spread the word to all your friends” Do you mean actual people that I know or the people whose e-mail appears in my inbox wanting to be my Facebook friend?? Of course there are people I know who reach out via Facebook (Hey Doreen K), but let me tell you, there are people I have never heard of wanting to be my friend!! I am in a recovery program, and there are people I see at meetings on a casual basis that are wanting to be my “friend” on FB, and on Wednesday night, I saw two of these people in a meeting, and they did not even say hello, What is up with that? If you can’t talk to me in real life, I don’t think I want to be your friend. Again, I just don’t think FB is for me, but I hear so many people talking about it at meetings, it is only a matter of time before we will have FBA, the A standing
    for anonymous 🙂

    • hoopscoach says:

      Mo, I mean to spread the word to your FRIENDS! The actual people you know. Don’t accept the people you never heard of, makes no sense to approve someone you don’t know. Talking to someone in real time is and will always be the best way to communicate. I like FB because it puts me in touch with friends from out of State. Stick with FB and when are you and i going to chat on FB?

  12. Maureen Rice (Flanagan) says:

    please don’t tell me that e-mail is obsolete!!!!!

  13. Jen O'Neil Curley says:

    I moved out of the neighborhood 4 years ago and joined facebook in the last few months. It has been a great way to reconnect with old neighborhood friends. Certainly addictive and I agree not a replacement for face to face contact but it is lots of fun.

  14. Dale Parkerson (Lonas) says:

    I moved away in 81. Facebook is my new connection to old friends and family. I found the Sabbaghs’, Kawas’, Bullocks’ and even Woody! You can take the girl out of Windsor-Terrace but you can’t take Windsor-Terrace out of the girl.

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