I hope everyone has a wonderful day and make sure you get that card, candy, stuffed animal or even roses for that special someone in your life.  Even if you can’t get any of those items, just make sure to tell your honey you love them and will always be there for them!



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  1. corrado says:

    Well’ Happy Valentines Day to all of Container Diaries Bloggers Hope ur day was filled with LOVE N HAPPINESS

  2. Betty T.B.K. says:

    Aw Corrado what a guy, your the best!!! I remenber one Valentines Day I wrote about 10 Cards out and sent them out and signed Your Secret Pal!!! I was in my young teens!!!!!!!! Such Fun!!!!!!! I had a wonderful day 2009 thanks Corrado and Red!!!

  3. corrado says:

    its time to hang it up loved watching him 4 the last 16 games here in new york n i hope the jets make the right move at qback hope u n urs are doing well maybe we’ll get to see u this summer

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