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I watched these kids play football the other day in a small park; I think they were playing football.  They had a brown ball that resembled a football.

I do know one thing, it was terrible.

First of all, no huddle amongst the players.   No cadence (“down, set, hut 1, hut 2…), no plays, etc.   Kids were running out and stopping at random spots on the grass with their arms raised in the air jumping up and down screaming “HERE, HERE, HERE!” (One kid got mad that the QB didn’t throw him the ball so he walked off the field).

Back in the day, I used to love the guy with hand raised in the air who yelled out, “HUDDLE UP!”  His team would crowd around the QB who was usually the brightest player on the field, (or the fastest or even the one with the best arm) and the most vocal/leader would give each guy his play.

“You go five and across.”

“You go down and out.”

“You go ten and turn around.”

“You run a button-hook”

“You run a stop and go.”

“You go to the Station Wagon and run in front of it/behind it.”

“You come around for a fake hand-off!”

After each guy had his assignment, the QB would then say, “ready team…(then all together you’d hear) “BREAK!”

Nope, on this day with these particular youngsters, all I witnessed was kids who didn’t know how to line up at the line of scrimmage; The QB just took the ball off the ground and looked around.    I stood there and watched kids run out and the QB (who had a chicken arm) was just tossing the ball in the air, up for grabs  sorta like a jump-ball, hail Mary type pass.

No defensive guys on the line rushing the QB (like Jack Kelly on the loose after Charlie Kawas), no hiker (I used to love the guys who hiked the ball at Farragut road).  The dude was like a statue!

No throw-offs after a touchdown.  They weren’t even keeping track of  “downs”!

No one  “stayin-in” reciting ‘one-one thousand, two-one thousand, three-one thousand…’ with his arms raised high to distract the passer.

Not even a ‘one-Mississippi, two-Mississippi, three-Mississippi…’

No blocking or double-reverse flea-flickers.  I didn’t even see the QB take off down field on the run trying to outrun the defenders.  (I think he was playing the role of  “official Quarterback)

When a kid did catch a pass, which wasn’t very often, the defense didn’t attempt to go after him on the completion to try to attempt the ever famous  “two-hand” touch!  They just stopped.  The guy who caught the ball wouldn’t even run with the ball!

I wondered to myself where the goal line was? Were they even keeping score?  Did they know they could go for extra points?(QB runs it in for two points, a pass completion gets you one).

What I watched the other day wasn’t football!  I don’t know what it was to tell you the truth.  Actually, maybe it was Rugby? Speaking of Rugby, a very tough sport I might add – how come Holy Name never had a Rugby team?