This image was sent to me by a loyal reader of Container Diaries.

Can you guess who these two are? Click on the image to enlarge…



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20 Responses to HANGIN’ IN THE YARD

  1. jim vackner says:

    You’re the guy in the background. I am not sure about the fashion plate!

  2. Dee Dee says:

    Mr. Mussa? and Fin

  3. hoopscoach says:


    You win! Good job. I can’t believe the odds on that; me being in that picture. That was taken during the 1976 8th grade graduation dance. I was hanging as a 6th grader…The person who sent it had no idea it was me – they were sending me a picture of Mr. Mussa.

    Names baby, we need names and need them now! Good try though…

  4. Tovah Leibowitz says:

    Al Pacino and Ossie.

  5. jimmy vack says:

    MUSSER was very popluar with the kids whohad him.My sister was clas of 79.. She thought he was great…

  6. hoopscoach says:


    He was the best, by far. Loved sports, socially he was very good, aware of possible ‘at-risk’ kids…just an overall great teacher/person.

    Does anyone have any updated info on him?

    Last I heard he was at Xaverian coaching hockey three years ago.

    Wonder if he reads the blog?


  7. Eileen Slavin McElroy says:

    Last I heard ..years ago, was that Mr Mussa became Brother Mussa and was at Xaverian

  8. hoopscoach says:

    Is there an echo in here?

  9. Jerry Cole says:


    When I was running track for Power I saw Br. Joe Mussa when I was running at the St. Francis Prep Relays in the Armory @168th & Amsterdam. we chated a bit after my race and I saw him at one or two other event that year. Joe was a great guy and a good coach. I hope he is enjoying his time at Xaverian.


  10. hoopscoach says:

    Thanks Jerry…

    I’m sure being a former sprinter, you are looking forward to the games in China!

    • Daniel Cunningham says:

      Bro Joe mussa was and is a child molester..anyone who knew him at Holy Name, knew that these rumors were always popping up about him . Well im here to tell you that those rumors are true because he molested me. Yes i would agree with u on one thing….mussa was real good at picking up on “at risk kids” that’s a distinctive trait most child molesters have . And I remember you Finigan and I know that you knew of these allegations and to post him in search of life as such a wonderful person you should be ashamed

  11. Jerry Cole says:


    Can’t wait for the games to start! I love the surge in national pride. My wife and I are thinking of having some friends over on the 8th and we’re planning to have our own Olympics. We’ll probably have a few goofy events around the pool and a lot of laughs.


  12. Rich Ferraiolo says:

    Bro. Joe is still at Xaverian but he’s not coaching anymore

  13. thirtysecondto says:

    Who the heck is Tovah Leibowitz? This isnt a blog about Borough Park. LOL!

  14. Tovah Leibowitz says:

    Oh Vey – who is “thirtysecondto” and why does he/she have a problem with me? I find blog doing search about Brooklyn neighborhoods and thought to comment – is this a crime? Maybe I should report to Anti-Defamation League? I am a citizen just like everyone else and have rights. No?

  15. Willy Wickham says:

    You tell ’em, Tovah!
    Who’s Ossie?

  16. thirtysecondto says:

    Well perhaps Tovah its obvious this blog is about people that are known from a certain neighborhood(Windsor Terrace and from a catholic school which I doubt you attended) and you come on and insult them(Ozzie and whatever ridiculous remark you wrote)) well you should practice what you preach and when you go around making fun of them when most of us from the neighbrhood know who they are then you can give it but cant take it. The anti defamation league. What a joke. Go find another website sweetie. Your paper tigers are no good here and nothing was written about you in any bad way shape or form. Remember its always your right but never your obligation. Those people are my friends in that photo and I took offense to that comment you made just as you did with mine so touche

  17. Tovah Leibowitz says:

    First of all, who’s Ozzie? I wasn’t insulting anyone I was merely commenting on who the individuals in the photo resembled – Al Pacino and a character named Ossie from an Irish film I once saw. You clearly have some issues to work out and FYI my birth name is Margaret and I converted when I married my husband. You have absolutely no idea whether I ever lived in your neighborhood or do now. But clearly you have already established your own opinion about me and what I represent based on a name. Shame on you.

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