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While driving the other day, I saw someone pull up alongside of me at a red light and to my surprise it was someone I knew – behind the wheel. Why am I telling you this? The person was 15 years old!

As you are well aware, you can get your driving permit as a sophomore in high school.

After seeing this ‘young teen’ pull away, gunning it no less, I had to shake my head in amazement.

For one, I think it’s way too young to be on the road. Why does someone need to drive at such a young, innocent age?

Growing up on 9th avenue, I didn’t receive my license until I was 25! (And that was because I was forced to if I wanted to coach freshmen basketball at Bishop Ford). Someone had to drive the van to the away games.

My mother never drove and neither did my father. You either took the train or the bus to your destination. And of course, you walked.

Sure there were proud owners of vehicles around the neighborhood. Who could forget playing basketball for Holy Name and Ricky Ferro’s father picking us up in his Maverick, driving us to games or practices.

Glenn Thomas’ dad had a station wagon; we all jumped in if the Ferro’s weren’t available.

Out here in Michigan a lot of youngsters talk about driving and owning their first car. Growing up as a teen, that notion never crossed my mind. But if that was something you did think about, you probably went to the Park Circle Driving school located on the avenue for lessons. Maybe you had Drivers-Education in school?

How old were you when you first got behind the wheel?

Where was it?

And please don’t talk about the John Deere tractor you drove with your uncle on his farm in upstate New York. And don’t mention how you sat on your dad’s lap and he let you steer.

Imagine parents doing that today?


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