Empty, void, deplete, exhaust, vacant, hollow, foolish, unfeeling, absence, waste

Those are just some of the words which come to mind when I look at this picture. We spent a lot of our childhood in the schoolyard. It just doesn’t look the same.


How come the greatest schoolyard in the history of outdoor basketball is no longer in use? Where are all the ball players? Do they still play there? Do the students at Holy Name still use it for recess?

I see two backboards up on the middle court but remember there used to be three full-courts? (Upon further review, I have been informed that the two backboards are ‘rim-less’)

How about the handball court – what happened? Are those cars and vans I see?

Thanks to Amy for her shot from the corner of Howard place and Prospect avenue.

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  1. Ed Cush Jr. says:


    You’re correct – too many good times in that schoolyard to see it go unused. While you do see two backboards on the middle court, you don’t see that there have not been rims up on those backboards in years. As for P.S. 154, the gates are now locked. No one has been able to use either schoolyard for many years. Times have certainly changed; our children may have a lot more than we ever did, but we did more with less than anyone today ever could!

    HN boy’s schoolyard was not just a place for sports (and we played them all there or in the girl’s schoolyard) – basketball, football, stickball, slapball, taps (wasn’t that the greatest use of a sliding gate ever?), etc. It was the central location of our childhood and adolescent years. Great memories, great people, great place.

    Glad to hear you’re doing better….please know that you have many loyal readers (lurkers?) on your blog…many of us have been a bit reluctant to post, but we are out there. Anyway, keep up the good work – it is much appreciated.


  2. hoopscoach says:


    Great stuff! Well said my man.

    You’re 100% correct, we did play many other sports in the yard and yes, Taps was a great game (if I recall, you were one of the best at Taps). How about the teamwork we would have to display with the guy inside and the guy outside?

    I can’t forget about P.S. 154; what great basketball, football and softball games we had there!

    Thanks for contributing – hope you are well…

    Spread the word about Container Diaries. It’s people like you that make the blog much improved!

  3. Mike McDonald says:

    Sad, very sad, but then again “WE are either part of the problem or part of the solution!” How many of us volunteer our time like our parents/aunts/uncles did?”Not Many of us [me included], may be we should look in the mirror and do something. “Talk is cheep”

  4. hoopscoach says:


    Good point.

  5. Fr. Peter says:

    I enjoy the blog! Just for your information, the “Bright Red Paint” was painted by the teens of Holy Name! The Teens of Holy Name are out of this world! They are great, many great things are taking place and have taken place in recent years becuse of the teens. They give of their time in large amounts and truly represent with class those who built up this great community of Windsor Terrace years ago. The Teens have been the “spark plugs” for the last five years in running “Family Bingo,” Thanksgiving Food Drives, Volunteering also on Thanksgiving Day feeding the hungry, they spear head the Christmas Giving Tree and this year were the one’s who decorated Holy Name for Christmas. They run a “Senior/Junior Prom” every February and invite all the seniors of Holy Name to Shepherds Hall for music, food and fun, they started four years ago the May Baby Shower, collecting hundreds of gifts each year for unwed mohers that gave life instead of death. O, and yes, as teenagers they also serve at Holy Name as Lectors, Eucharistic Ministers and Acolytes. THEY NEVER MAKE HEADLINES IN THE DAILY NEWS, N.Y. POST OR NEWSDAY FOR WHAT THEY DO, NOPE, GOOD NEWS NEVER SEEMS TO MAKE IN BLACK AND WHITE! So please, pass the word, the Teens of Holy Name are… “Out Of This World!”

  6. hoopscoach says:

    Father Peter,

    Thank you so much for adding your comments. The teens of Windsor Terrace sure sound like they are a special group. Please forward any information you have on them if you ever need something printed. I would love to write about them…If they are doing good deeds, they should be applauded!

    Great job!



  7. Ed Cush Jr. says:

    Mike has a good point. I personally do what I can, coaching my son’s Basketball team (Holy Name) for the past few years, as well as coaching baseball in the past. You are right however, more people need to get involved. There are several people who are truly committed to the youth of Holy Name – Bill Kahaly, Roger Menze, Tom Larkin (to name but a few). These gentlemen (and many ladies) should certainly be recognized and commended.

    Father Peter is correct – the teens of Windsor Terrace are a special group that does goes largely unrecognized. Their contributions are seen throughout the neighborhood. We are lucky to have them and their presence bodes well for the future of Windsor Terrace.

  8. hoopscoach says:

    Amen…if someone would e-mail me some great stories/examples of the adults in WT helping the kids and volunteering their time for a great cause, I would love to write about them.

    Guys like Danny Pisselli, Forte Bellino, Joe Farrell, Gerard Trapp, Georgie Rauthier, Tom Brady, Richie Ferriolo, Brother Joe Mussa, Father Devlin and the late Jim Maloney were just a few of the adults who at the time when I was a youngster, growing up trying to make sense of things, were there to help me along my path of uncertainty.

  9. AP says:

    Between the Summer League and the Holy Name Bazaar – there was no other place to be than in the Holy Name Schoolyard during the summer.

    I can still hear Pete Iulo yelling at Jackie Ryan for hanging on the rim.

    154 Schoolyard was great as well. Besides hoops, we played softball – How many times did we hit the Piselli’s house? …and when we roofed the ball, either Louie Mastrandrea or Joey Stasiak would climb up the pipe to get them.

  10. hoopscoach says:

    Louie and Joey were the original Matrix!

    Holy Name Summer league was the best!

  11. BT says:

    What happened to “Our School Yard”, Alot has been said about our Neighborhood and I wonder what it would have been like to some of us today, if we didn’t have that schoolyard when we were growing up? mmmm Something to think about. it’s very sad to see our Schoolyard Empty…. Fr Pete, I hope some of us can tell you about the School Yard alot of us Grew up in.. I ask some of you to tell your story or even a Story..

    On any given Saturday from 10 Am in the Morning until 6Pm you would find Basketball Games going on, at all the courts. One Court might be empty and that would be used to warm-up on. Monday through Fridays the courts were being used form 3:300PM to Dinner time or when our Moms would yell out to us and tell us dinner was ready…. That is to the Lucky ones who Lived accross the street… This is how we kept warm by playing Ball and winning Games.. If you Lost you either went home or got cold.. All of our Coaches were volunteers, the least we could do for our coaches is make sure they were warm, some of us did this by getting them their Hot Co Co or Coffee while we were were busy trying to hit 3 out of 5 shots from the foul line so we could go home for Dinner.. Yes you heard me we couldn’t go home until we hit 3 out of 5 shots from the foul line, Right, Mick.
    I think one of the reasons for that was we were tired of getting beaten by the teams from the projects by 70 points… o r even 80 points.. I think the first game I ever saw as a youngster was St James beating our Gramar Gold Team by a Ton of points… It really could have been 70 points… You see Fr. Pete, Holy Name never had their own Gym and that School Yard was our Gym, In the winter time we would shovel our Courts just to practice, even if it was Icey, we would chip it all away so we could practice. The Next year we would only loose to the teams in the Projects by maybe 40 points, we were making our foul shots and our Coaches were staying warm, some of us went home early and some had to go and get the Hot Co Co or coffee. Fr Pete I think it was by the 3rd year, while we were playing in that School Yard, when the Reverse Discrimination took Place, and that is when we beat the Teams from the Projects and their Fans and Parents couldn’t accept this so they use to throw Rocks and things at us and ran us out of the Projects, but we Loved it, because they couldn’t take the fact that our day finally came, all because of our School Yard…… Who needed a Gym….Thanks to Our Coaches, Mickey, Gee and Robert. Kent from Grade School……and I need some Help on who was coaching the Cubs at the time…..

  12. Fr. Peter says:

    One major change, the families living in the houses accross from the playground! Today they call the rectory or the police department complaining, even if anyone is laughing! The Teens do play football and basketball and it is a pleasure to see the children playing as well, especially after school. The basketball rims are in the rectory because some individuals complain faster than it would take you to cook Minute Rice! Most of the car/vans in the picture are that of the Holy Name Boy Scout Troop 237, a truly beacon of light for our future!

  13. Coach Finamore says:

    My story about the schoolyard in a nutshell…

    When domestic abuse reared it’s ugly head in my home, I picked up my basketball and ran to the schoolyard where I played with my friends for hours.

    During the summer league, I escaped the temptations of deviance and went to the schoolyard to watch the older guys play from 7-10PM. I sat under the basket and dreamt of playing on the same court.

    On Sunday’s, I’d awake early to attend mass, go home and change clothes and run to the schoolyard dribbling my basketball hoping one of six baskets were open so I could shoot. When all the goals were taken, I’d wait my turn to play. Or, I’d spend time playing ‘taps’.

    Watching guys like Gerard and Bobby Trapp, Brian Keating, Richie Deer, Jimmy and Michael Rauthier, John Corrar and many others, I tried to watch them closely and later emulate them.

    The best part of it all – Irish, Italians, Puerto Ricans, Dominicans, Asians and African Americans all being together because of two things: A basketball and a schoolyard!

  14. BT says:

    With no disrespect, the neighbors accross the street did the same things back in the 60’s and 70’s. they called the Police, they compalined but sooner or later we all got along and Looked out for one another and we even shoveled eachothers stoops in the winter time.. We even kept Basketballs in the outside Basement for you in case you didn’t have a Ball. If they don’t like it there let them move out. Don’t move our kids out of the School Yard..

  15. Fr. Peter says:

    BT, I’m Sorry to say, “Times are Different Now!” Some times for the better, in this case it’s for the worst!

  16. Jerry Cole says:


    Aside from the church of course, the Schoolyard was the focal point for the neighborhood. As a youngster it was where we gathered before school and after school. It was where most of us spent our summer vacations & semester breaks. No, there were no trips to Mexico & the Caribbean for us. Give us a ball, a glove and a half dozen or so other kids and we’d have everything that we needed.

    My earliest Holy Name hoops memory of the schoolyard was one cold, early winter night when my mother came looking for me because I had not come home from basketball practice in time for dinner. She turned the corner of the schoolyard and there I was shooting free throws. The coach at the time was none other than the legendary Pete Gillin who turned to my mother and before she even had a chance to speak said, “Mrs. Cole, Jerry will be home as soon as he hits his free throws.” I was quick and was often fouled so he felt I needed to become a better FT shooter. That team featured the “older” guys Joe Santos, Al Lopez and If I remember Artie Lee as well as my classmates Mark & John Ferro, Billy Mackay and others.

    The HN Summer League was the best. First, there were the grammer school division games, then the HS games and then the Open division neighborhood games. Looking outward from the court to see the fence packed several deep was always a thrill. As a youngster, you always dreamed of what it would be like to be old enough to play in the Open division games, in Prime Time, under the lights. Man, that was the BIG TIME! I remember the year that we won the Open division against McBears. Our team was led by Jimmy Routhier & Richie Deer. We also had Joe Farrell, Mickey Deer, Jimmy Martin and Hank Fifield and I know I am forgetting someone. Sorry, the memory is supposedly the first thing to go.

    Things were definitely simpler then. Someone earlier made the comment about having more fun with less, well that statement is 100% true. Like Fin and Ed Cush and so many others I spent hours running that court in endless pickup games. The games seemed to last all day & night. Who stopped for lunch? Heck, we barely stopped for dinner. AND, you had better hustle your butt right back after dinner or else you had to sit and wait for a chance to play. Great philosophy, win & keep playing. Lose, well then you had to wait until you had winners or got picked up by someone who did.

    There were also some great schoolyard games played there and I don’t just mean hoops either. How about Kings, Boxball and Slap Hockey in the Boys schoolyard. Remember, we had to use the window grating as a goal and a windbreaker as your goalie equipment. Or, hockey in the Girls schoolyard using the old metal grates as the goal! Do you remember having to lie on the ground and using a stick to get a puck that didn’t slide all the way through??? Remember arguing calls in slapball because there were no real bases. Well, we finally fixed that when we painted them in in the Girls schoolyad (complete with a foul poll in left field running up the grey metal sheeting that was where the Convents garbage cans were stored).

    Like I said earlier, the schoolyard was a focal point for many of us. It was where we made our friends and honed our athletic skills. It was a place we all felt safe and where everyone belonged. Living in South Jersey is very nice but I can honestly say that my heart still beats in Windsor Terrace! Every time I go back there my heart beats a little faster as I pass the schoolyard. Such great memories were made in such a simple place.

    Steve, thanks for starting & keeping this blog going.


  17. hoopscoach says:

    Fr. Peter,

    Times sure are different today…But, as adults we need to teach our children right from wrong. We need to hold them accountable, teach them, discipline them, and show them the way, along with letting them make choices but alerting them to the dangers of making the wrong choice.

    We need to stay in their lives regardless of the situation with your spouse. As married or single parents we need to stay involved in our children’s lives whether it’s going to their ball game, taking them for an ice cream or teaching them to ride a bike.

    If a kid fails an exam, the parent shouldn’t rush up to school placing blame on the teacher. If an athlete doesn’t get playing time for the basketball team, daddy shouldn’t pick up the phone and call the A.D. an complain about the coach.

    Or, if three teen decide to go out and shoplift, and get caught, all three sets of parents should hold their child responsible and not look to bow out and declare their innocence, ‘oh my child wasn’t involved, they were pressured into going and stealing that t-shirt by the other two.”

    Father Pete, you are right, Times are Different, but the stage is the same. Remember, you are not a product of your environment, you’re a product of the choices you make.

  18. hoopscoach says:


    Well said my man. And that is why you have that Power Memorial/Iona College education…your essay above is worthy of the Pulitzer Prize!

    Thanks for sharing. I forgot about Jimmy Martin on your club the year you guys won it all. Jimmy and Richie were the best, arguably the best 1-2 punch in the history of HN Summer league.

    We need to set up an alumni day in the schoolyard some day!

  19. Fr. Peter says:

    …”But, as adults we need to teach our children right from wrong. We need to hold them accountable, teach them, discipline them, and show them the way, along with letting them make choices but alerting them to the dangers of making the wrong choice.”

    Sounds right on target, only problem I see is that Parents don’t want to be Parents, they want to be their Children’s FRIEND. Parents set the stage, set the tone all of which changes the environment in which the children learn right from wrong. Someone once said to me that the Generation X should be called “Generation No,” because nobody wants to say No to them. I often remember that line when I work with teens and grade school children.

    I also suggest to any adult I speak with, that if they would spend time with the younger generation, the teens mainly, you will see pictures of yourselves! your growing up, your struggles, fears, joys and fun wrapped together with such a bright future, filled with hope. They are good, they want to do good, they know how to laugh and they do realize how blessed they are!

  20. hoopscoach says:

    Amen to that Father Peter…

  21. harry mills says:

    hey bobby trapp how are you doing ? i was on the cubs in the 5th & 6th grades. ackey was our coach in the 5th grade and mr gruschow was our coach in the 6th grade. by the way— mr gruschow was one of the BEST people that i ever knew !!!

  22. BT says:

    Thanks Harry, I did remember the coach was Mr Gurschow, but at the time I did have a mental Lapse..Sorry Mr Gruschow, and Yes He was and will always be a Great Man… Everything in Good Harry, no Compliants… I hope you and your Family are well….. Happy New Year…

  23. Thomas Brady says:

    Hello from Tom Brady, the one from Terrace Place. Happy New Year 2008 to All. More to follow…….

    Hello Bobby and Red, don’t you guys ever sleep? LOL.

    The correct time according to the Naval Observatory is 0008 hrs. on 1/10/08. Fix the blog clock… please
    Would appreciate a shout from anyone who remembers HNH and PS 154 who would like to share their stories re: such. Take care and God Bless. – tb

  24. hoopscoach says:


    Great to see you are finally a member of Container Diaries. You’re right about the official time on the blog but I don’t know how to change it.

    I should call ‘time’ remember…’At the tone, standard time is 5:45 and 15 seconds…beep.

    As for sleep, it’s overrated. Too much to do to sleep. We got beat tonight by 24 on the road. I need to find a way for my guys to stop turning the ball over.

  25. bill shaw(tumpy) says:

    Hey Harry Mills ………….I remember when you lived above Ballards Pharmacy.and I lived above ronnie and shirlys then a bank Hope all is well its been a long time

  26. Mike Purdy says:

    While playing handball in the school yard ….how many Spauldings got wedged in that little gap above the first floor window of the school. I bet if you look at it today there will be no rubber balls stuck in there. If there is, it’s probably one that we put there 30 years ago. The years have come and gone and change comes with the pass of time. New families now live in the neighborhood but many are still there. Holy Name and the neighborhood are a constant. When I come back to the neighborhood I still connect with friends from as far back as kindergarten. We’re older and a bit pudgier and we laugh as hard as ever (we laugh even harder with a few containers in our bellies and not sure what we’re laughing at). Holy Name and the neighborhood will always be home.

  27. Jerry Cole says:

    Mike P.,

    Long time no talk. I hope that all is well with the Purdy clan. I wholely agree that every visit back to the neighborhood provides us with an opportunity to reconnect old friends. I like the choice of pudgy for belly shape it definitely softens the body blow that nature has dealt some of us. LOL!


  28. Maureen Corrigan says:

    A note about Howard Place: The residents there were ALWAYS grouchy–even way back in the forties, when all the students at Holy Name were absolutely angelic!

  29. harry mills says:

    hi billy— i just talked to your cousins danny and tommy a couple of weeks ago on the phone. how the heck are you ????? where are ya ?? i’m about 6 or 7 blocks away from myles up in orange county. i miss our neighborhood very much. i’ve only been in farrells once since they put the stools in. I’M DUE !!!!!!!! i retired from the FDNY in nov. 2002. let me know what you’re doing !!!

  30. BETTY TRAPP says:

    Hi Maureen Corrigan how the hell are you doing???? I was talking with Eileen one day as we drove thru the block and she looks great as usual!!

  31. hoopscoach says:


    You are the best! I can’t believe you mentioned that wedge by the first floor where the balls would get stuck! Someone, I don’t recall who would climb up and snatch them out. I’ll give you one better…I lived over Bob’s on 9th avenue. When they would play stickball in the girl’s yard, when someone ‘roofed’ a pitch, I’d go up, retrieve the ball and keep. Never bought a spalding from Ray and Otto’s.

    You’re the best!

  32. bill shaw(tumpy) says:

    Hi Harry…….was glad to see your posting.I live in valley stream long island have a 25 yr old son who lives in bay ridge married 25 yrs working in nyc.I havent been in farrels in propably 25 yrs im also due for a visit.If you see myles tell him about this sight and tell him i said hello.How is your brother tommy.Danny never told me that he spoke to you. One day soon we will all have to try and get together.Im glsd all is well with you and I will talk to you soon Billy

  33. BETTY TRAPP says:

    Harry being as you are due, let us know so we can prepare, Ill call Patty k!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. jim vackner says:

    How ya doin/ I talk to Joe Sacca all the time about ya.. I remember picking you when we played 5 on 5 because you ran track and ya would be up and down the court all day.. hope all is well.

  35. Mary Harte says:

    It was Father Wilson who removed the nets from the schoolyard one day because some teenagers from the area were climbing the fence at night and playing music disturbing the Howard Place residents. Instead of involving the police and eliminating the problem he punished all the kids who used the schoolyard during the day and early evening. He would not even meet with us parents.

  36. Mary Harte says:

    Not sure what it means “your comment is awaiting moderation”????

  37. Bill Kahaly says:

    Steve, first of all i hope you are doing well. Second you are doing a great job. keep up the the good work. As far as the schoolyard, late game, lights on, nice crowd, you could swear you were playing at the garden. when the game was over, a container and some good chatter.

  38. hoopscoach says:


    Thanks and it’s great to see you found the blog. I hope you enjoy all the stories. Hold the neighborhood down, it’s the best and I wish I was still living out there!

  39. hoopscoach says:


    Before anything gets posted, it goes to admin. I’t’s a family blog…


  40. harry mills says:

    steve—- again, excellent job on container diaries !!! my morning routine use to be waking up, grabbing a cup of coffee and reading the n.y. newspapers on the internet. now it’s grabbing that coffee and checking out container diaries first, then the newspapers. that’s how much i STILL miss the “neighborhood”. thank you for providing the opportunity to do that. and yes, to see the “boys” and “girls” schoolyards with parked cars and nobody playing basketball, football, punchball, coco levio(that’s what we called it) or even buck, buck, how many horns are up, is really heartbreaking.

  41. harry mills says:

    hi betty t.—-that sounds good. we’ll plan that as soon as the weather gets a little warmer. late march, early april. hm

  42. harry mills says:

    hi billy s. —great to hear from you. you gotta come in from the island and we’ll meet in farrells. danny and tommy, also—– ok ? hm

  43. K.Molloy says:

    Just for the record I lived almost directly across from the center court of the schoolyard. The only problem was when someone decided to play ball at 2 in the morning in the summer time. It would be very annoying if you were trying to sleep in the front bedroom upstairs, echoing off the walls ba boom ba boom ba boom. But we never once called the cops or the church to complain(others might have I don’t know). However on many occasions my father would go over there and throw the kids out himself. We never believed in calling the cops or complaining we always took care of our own business. There was never ever a problem playing during the day or up to 10 or 11pm from our view.

  44. hoopscoach says:


    You hit the nail on the head. First off, no one should be playing at that time!

    Your parents were the best, always welcomed me with open arms whenever I was in your lovely home…

  45. Jerry Cole says:


    Long time no talk my friend. Every time my brotehr in-law comes over your name comes up. I’ve told him dozens of stories of our hoops & schoolyard escapades. I remember buying those Sun Dew drinks at the store across the street from the church. The quarts were $0.25 and I’d usually put one in the freezer for about an 2 hours before heading up to the yard.

    All is well with me, how about you? I’m living down in Monmouth County with my wife and daughter. My daughter is a HS frosh (man are we gettin old)!


  46. Coach F says:


    Those Sun Dew drinks! WOW…Snow White dairy, correct?

    Remember after opening it, taking a sip and passing it around to your friends?

  47. jim vackner says:


  48. Jerry Cole says:

    Steve, Snow White Dairy I believe is correct. And yes, those were community drinks. Amazingly, we’ve all lived to tell about it while today no one would ever think of doing it.

    Jimmy, 19 & 20 YIKES! Bonalli’s had the best slushes! The only ones I ever had that were better were from a few places on Bourbon Street in New Orleans. My daughter is at Middletown South High School. Not sure if you saw the Georgia Bulldogs play during the regular season or in their bowl game but one of their stars is a freshman from Middletown South HS (Knowshon Moreno). That kid is gonna be a star!


  49. jim vackner says:

    I think my nephew David Levy is a freshman there. His folks liv off of 35 (to the right) by the Howard Johnson. His brother, Jason, is a senior

  50. jim vackner says:

    I think my nephew David Levy is a freshman there. His folks liv off of 35 (to the right) by the Howard Johnson. His brother, Jason, is a senior. He pays hoops and baseball for the school.
    My brother in law mentioned Moreno to me…

  51. Jerry Cole says:


    We should definitely try to catch up some time over the summer. Drop me a line at jcgael@verison.net.


  52. Jerry Cole says:


    Sorry, that’s; jcgael@verizon.net.

    Talk to you soon.


  53. john dilgen says:

    anybody remember D&Rs deli on the corner of tenth and prospect and aunt fannies farm ?

  54. Glenn Thomas says:

    Some of my fondest memories of the Holy Name Summer League was that there was something to do each week night. At 6pm the triplehaeaders would start for there would be a girls game or a little league game followed by the Middle League and then the HS League. One did not need any money to go out that night except if you wanted to go to Bonalli’s for something. If your team wasn’t playing that night one was either watching the drama unfold (the Middle League was the best for that!) or playing 3 on 3 on the side courts or even playing taps on the fence by the entrance. The older guys would sit on the outside of the schoolyard and drink their beer(for beer was not allowed in the yard), play cards and make the funniest comments to the players on the court. If the schoolyard became too noisy Msgr. Downing would come out on the old back steps in his flowing robes and wave to the crowd to keep the noise down for Devotions or Benedictions were being interrupted. This league was magic for during each day leading up to the games all of the groups/teams in the neighborhood would talk trash as to who is going to win that night. Wages were placed but in the end everyone got along and had the whole winter to talk about the next summer. This league was truly the “Boys of Summer” I look back and appreciate the hard work and dedication of such people as Mickey McNally, Dan Piselli, Forte Bellino, Peter Iulo, and I know that I am missing some people(please forgive me). It is partly responsible that due to these people that I was able to stay out of trouble and turn out OK in life. Thanks to these people and to all of the others that i missed who put on the best summer basketball league that Brooklyn has ever known in more ways than one. -GT

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  56. BT says:

    Steven, are you trying to wake me up? I remember the Football Intrmurals
    THE CO-OP BOWL 8A VS 8B. For some reason it just came intomy mind the Game was also Played on a saturday Morning, don’t hold me to it, but i’ll tell there was alot Trash Talking going on before that Game..All these big FootBall Palyers..who Played for the Prep ( St Francis Prep) who was going to do this. They didn’t have a chance. I think Brother Duane class blew out Bro John’s class. something like 44-7, blew them put…

    Those Games were great, what they would do is clear out the School Yard and only the players were aloud in, spectators were outside the Fence…The Brothers would Ref the Games and they always had their little Bronies doing the offsides.. Where are those Volunteers Today……

  57. harry mills says:

    BT— YES! can you believe that was 40 yrs ago !!!!!

  58. BT says:

    Harry, I think if we get the Cars out of the Schoolyard we can have that anniversary Game. Do you still have the Hands. and I don’t mean Norman or Gary ( I think that was his name.)

  59. harry mills says:

    BT—yes, those cars shouldn’t be in that schoolyard in the 1st place !!! Maybe a 10 minute game (two 5 minute halves LOL) It’s heartbreaking to realize that the 2 rosters wouldn’t be the same. it would be the 40th Anniversary CO-OP Bowl !!!! i think i got one reception left in me, how about you ?

  60. Liz Ansbro says:

    Hey Johnny

    I remember D&R.. we talk about it often.. even Tony’s cruddy elbows… that store was filthy when you think about it.

    Does anyone remember the name of McBears before it was McBears.. when santa used to visit in the back dining area?

    How about Ye Old Fashion Meat Market on 17th St? Clothes Tree? Snow White Deli? How about Irv’s Clothing where Hallmark is now???

    How about the fish store… did anyone every buy anything from there?

    Does anyone remember the Langton’s Bar on the Circle?

  61. hoopscoach says:


    Was McBears called ‘Jimmy’s’?

    I may be wrong on that one?

    I do recall on Friday’s, at lunchtime they had this kick ass special. Meatball sub and coke for a buck-fifty! We would take seat in the back like we owned the joint.

    After we ate, we always hustled up Prospect avenue to school

  62. Glenn T says:

    The location where McBear’s stood had two names prior. It was called Jimmy’s at one time and it was also called Dom’s. Barry took it over from a guy who supposedly was in debt and that’s how McBear’s started. McBear’s was a great place and what made it special were the patrons that frequented it. Great memories! Looking back I see so many families today where the parents met, dated, married, and had children by meeting each other at McBear’s. A real life “Cheers”

  63. Timothy Kemp says:

    I truly thank God for Holy Name hosting the summer leauges during the most critical years of my life.
    I grew up on 17th st.. If that School Yard had not been there, I’m sure Officer Tommy Doyle would have been chasing me through parkslope all the time.

    I enjoyed watching Gerard Trapp, Ruthier ,john carrer, all the parkside boyz and danny ref. Mr. cunniham knew my mother well and one day I played for Mcbears I loved the game. Gammy martinez, Curtis and a few more guy’s from 17th St. I will always have great memories of that school yard. Frankie and Jimmy Cullen, and my main man Finnamore, this kid could ball. Percelli seen it in him. Today I’m living back in Alabama (Rollllllllll Tide) I take my Grandson ocassionally back to Brooklyn and I think I got a ball player yall. Yo, Glenn I enjoyed coaching Marty R. Joey R., Chris and Marty C and Shamus there was probably more. I live next door to Chuck and Wes Person’s were gonna start a summer League here in June. I’m hoping it will give me the same memories as Holy Name… check out me out on myspace cnotes17@aol.com you can find me by using my email. I’m grateful to have met all you guys and stay in touch. I’ll be posting photos as soon as we start. Sports is BIG in The South. Hank Fifield I still got that Brian Winter’s slash Medolark J…LOL. it’s a slow set shot lol.. Jerry Cole I thought you were a track star or something for Xavier???….

    Thank You all for the Great Memories

    Timothy Kemp

  64. hoopscoach says:


    Nice to hear from you. I hope you are well. You had a nice game back in the day! Your mom was sweet…

  65. Timothy Kemp says:

    HI FINN,


    PERP WALK: Roberto Rodriguez is escorted out of Brooklyn’s 90th Precinct station house. He’s charged with killing a man during an armed robbery.
    December 3, 2006 — A rookie cop walking a beat in Brooklyn yesterday saw two men gun down a third – and nabbed one of the shooters, police said.

    A precinct commander busted the other, they said.

    Dennis Mack, 26, was running from 130 Moore St. in East Williamsburg at 1:15 a.m., fleeing two from gun-toting thugs trying to rob him, cops said.

    The two fired seven shots, striking him in the torso, arms and legs.

    Mack died at the scene.

    Officer Tomas Castro, 22, was patroling the area when he heard the shots. When he saw the men chasing Mack down Varet Street, he drew his gun and gave chase.

    Rounding the corner onto Humboldt Street, Castro found himself a mere seven feet away from Roberto Rodriguez, 21, who, gun still in hand, was standing over Mack.

    Cops said Castro ordered Rodriguez to drop what turned out to be a 9mm Ruger and busted him after the suspect did just that.

    “He demonstrated a remarkable calm and professionalism under the circumstances,” said NYPD spokesman Paul Browne, noting that Castro got within “unusually close quarters” with the suspect.

    Meanwhile, the second gunman, identified as Christopher Grey, 20, ran straight into Deputy Inspector John Corbisiero.

    Mack’s father, Timothy Kemp, 45, reached in Alabama, called the killing “senseless.”

    “The streets stole him, but his life was just starting to change,” he said of his son. “He was just a wonderful human being.

    “This is a senseless thing, and I’m sure that when the shooter sits in that 8-by-10[-foot prison cell], he’ll think about it.

    “He didn’t know what he did,” the grieving dad said. “We ask God to forgive this young man.”

    Additional reporting by Eric Lenkowitz and Douglas Montero

    sign insubscribeprivacy policyterms of useNEWS HEADLINES FROM OUR PARTNERSrss NEW YORK POST is a registered trademark of NYP Holdings, Inc. NYPOST.COM, NYPOSTONLINE.COM, and NEWYORKPOST.COM are trademarks of NYP Holdings, Inc.

    Copyright 2008NYP Holdings, Inc. All rights reserved.

  66. Glenn T says:

    TK!!! I am glad to see that you are well! I see your sister Mary a lot for as you know we worked together at Middle School 88 which is the old IS 88( for people who don;t know they changed the name). I see your brother Junior once in a while and his kids walking along seventh ave. I miss those days of playing hoops in the yard. Stay well and take care,


  67. Timothy Kemp says:

    I will be in NY by june 15th for a few days hope to see yah.


  68. Michael J. Cain Sr. says:

    Michael Cain

    Greetings Fin! If my memory is correct, I believe we used to call You Red. Thanks for the container Diaries site! I have lots of wonderful memories in Holy Name; it sure was good to be a Holy Name Boy. May God bless You, and please say hi to John for me if You will.
    Smile God loves You!

  69. hoopscoach says:


    Greetings my friend – how are you doing? Remember Anthony Zinzi?

  70. Maureen Rice(Flanagan) says:

    I passed by the schoolyard today, and there are HOOPS and NETS on the backboards. If I had any idea how to e-mail a picture I would but maybe someone with computer skills could go around and take it. Will keep my eyes open for kids actually playing there, but the nets are a start


  72. Timothy Kemp says:

    Hi everyone, Greeting from Alabama (Roll Tide)Just keeping in touch. Hope everyone is doing great. The Yankees really did their thing this year.. 27 time world series champs wow.
    Go NY……… Yall stop by if youre in the south you hear.

    Timothy Kemp (TK)

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