March 31, 2008


To my astonishment, in the mail I found something very special that was sent to me by loyal Container Diary reader and contributer Paul K. I never had any doubt he was going to send it!

It’s a copy of the Church Bulletin from June of 1960! (He actually sent me a couple of different copies)


It is loaded with ad’s from local businesses, awesome biblical passages throughout, and best of all, the Honor Roll! (What I didn’t know is that MSGR. Francis X. Downing was not only the pastor, but he was the proud holder of a Ph.D!)

Listed in the bulletin there is an awesome essay written by Joseph P. Laruffa called, ‘WHAT AM I’? (I will post it in a later blog)

Remember the Honor Roll at school?

I’ll be honest, I never made it; sad right? Academia wasn’t first on my list of priorities.

During the 1960 school year under the Awards of Honor, from the graduating class, there are six awards;

1-The Monsignor O’Reilly Medal for GENERAL EXCELLENCE

Donald Schenk, Evelyn Jeanette Malfatone, John Nolan and Margaret Anne Whelan.

2-The Monsignor Vitta Medal for Religion

Michael Cummins

3-The Monsignor Flynn Medal for Social Studies

Michael Dooghan

4-The Bishop Boardman Medal for English

Jerome Pascuzzi

5-The Margaret Desmond Medal for Mathematics

Joe Lindquist

6-The Greater NY Savings Bank Medal for Citizenship

Frank Composto

Also included is the winner of the Spelling Bee…Marie Inserra!

If I could do it all over, I’d study harder. I’d read more books, I’d write more essays, I’d listen carefully to the teacher and most of all, I would of made it a goal to be listed on the Honor Roll!

What an honor!

To conclude, on the last page of the Bulletin is a reminder labeled, ‘A Word to Parents'; the first line is as follows; Keep your children off the streets – especially at night.

The same message they were preaching 48 years ago is still going strong!


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